Smoother driving experience With the tranny oil offering enhanced friction durability, it can withstand pressure and friction of the gears in the transmission when in motion, for a smoother transmission performance and driving experience. This, in turn, prevents the wear and tear of the different gears and gear parts. The gearbox tends to produce lots of heat with usage, especially on long and high-impact drives like in rush-hour traffic. However Castrol Transmax import multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid prevents the gearbox from overheating. It is specially formulated to fight oxidation, reduce the running temperature and in the process, protect the gearbox in extreme driving conditions Low-temperature fluidity provides for efficient cold weather shifting Starting up the car in cold weather is so much easier and fluid with Castrol Transmax automatic transmission fluid. All thanks to its low-temperature fluidity and rapid circulation properties.

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We are honest. Our first value is honesty, we will always be honest with you. We expect the same in return You get value for Money. We cannot always be the cheapest. We continually strive to source quality parts and services at the best possible rates. We pass these on to you.

We go the extra mile. Check out our genuine referrals. Clients What our Customers Say We are able rebuild nearly every transmission ever made to a high standard, or we can supply you the parts to rebuild yourself. Thanks again mate Happy Mike The Instrument cluster is superb, beautiful, works very well.

Thanks so much for sorting out this issue, nobody else could. Rick Thanks so much for resolving all the issues on my truck, it drives really well, Back in Gisborne now. Thanks again Glenn Mobile Welding, Gisborne We always work with Transmax on our projects they have helped us out of the shit many times. Turned the jobs around quickly, updated us daily on progress, and deliver the jobs personally. Patrick Cowley Burgess Cowley Taranaki Transmax was established 33 years ago supplying parts for automatic transmissions.

We do not suggest or imply that any item is that of the original manufacturer Navigation.


Трансмиссионное масло CASTROL Transmax CVT 1 л

Low viscosity ensures maximum fuel efficiency The Castrol Transmax is a low viscosity tranny fluid that is a better choice for vehicles because it puts less strain on the tranny while pushing through the system. This, in turn, leads to maximum efficiency and increased power to the wheels. Its active chemistry lets it last longer than high viscosity ATF while protecting the gear for as long thousands of miles. Enhanced friction durability assures smooth shifting of gear The Castrol Transmax gives a smoother driving experience by lubricating and reducing the friction between the gear parts. This leads to smoother shifting of gears which makes driving more pleasurable especially in even extreme driving conditions. This also in the long turn leads to better fuel economy and prolongs the life of the different gear parts. Improved oxidation resistance The Castrol Transmax boasts of superior high-temperature protection to provide for better resistance to oxidation.


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