Shelves: qabalah Israel Regardie does an excellent job at explaining the importance of the Qabalistic Cross, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and the Middle Pillar Ritual for the foundations of ceremonial magic work. He also makes insightful connections between ceremonial magic and the work of Freud and Jung. Recommended tho! It is probably good and useful!

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Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard of this, and so would many with an interest in Western occultism. And this book sets it down simply and practically, and also inspiringly.

Your hands should be down at your sides. Steady and relax your breathing. Above all, try to get your mind into a still, quiet, and calm state. Focus your attention just above the top of your head. As a result of the LBRP there should be a sphere of white brilliance at this point. If not, visualize it. Take your time. Regard this white brilliance with a sort of awe: it is the spatial equivalent to the vital core of your being, your Higher Self, your link with the Divine. The result of this contemplation should be that the brilliance becomes even brighter.

Now vibrate the God name, Eh-heh-yeh three or four times. The sphere should get brighter still. Visualize a slender beam of light descending from the brilliance above your head, through the center of your head, and stopping at the nape of your neck.

Here the beam widens into a ball of light that is not quite as big as the one above. At this point you should be visualizing simultaneously the brilliant sphere above your head, the smaller ball of light at the base of your neck, and the beam of light connecting the two.

Understand that this is the link between your conscious and your Higher Self, and the ball of light at your neck should grow in size and intensity. Keeping the above in mind, cause a beam of light to descend from the ball of light at your neck, go down your torso, and light up the solar plexus below the rib cage in the form of a sphere. Understand that this represents your consciousness, and the ball should increase in brightness and intensity.

You may feel as if you are being warmed by an internal sun. In the same manner, see the light descend to the area of the genitals and form a sphere. The God name to be vibrated three or four times is Shah-dai El Chai. Again the light should descend to form a sphere which encompasses both feet and the ground; that is, the sphere should be half above the ground, covering the feet, and half below the ground, under the feet, linking you to the physical world.

The God name to be vibrated three or four times is Ah-doh-nye Ha-ahr-etz. At this point there should be large spheres of light above the head, at the throat, at the solar plexus, at the groin and at the feet. Each sphere of light should be connected with the sphere above and below by a beam of light. Stay in this state for as long as you desire. Then, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, visualize the images fading and becoming invisible. They are still there, but they cannot now be seen.

This completes the Middle Pillar Ritual. Each vibrated word should be done so that you can feel the appropriate area of the body vibrating. If at any point you have trouble or difficulty in forming a sphere of light or a beam of light, do NOT struggle for minutes on end until you break out in a sweat.

Rather, stop where you are and complete Step Eight with the progress you have made. Several things could have caused the problem. They are usually mental in nature, either from conscious or unconscious sources. By following the LBRP with the Middle Pillar on a daily basis you will eventually be able to overcome any problem in a very natural, gentle manner. Be sure to record results, feelings, experiences, etc.

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Middle Pillar

He received an expulsion notice giving him 24 hours to leave the country; Crowley was soon also ordered to leave. Clegg and J. Regardie wrote an angry letter back, calling Crowley "Alice" and describing him as "a contemptible bitch". Regardie later came to reject this understanding of alchemy, referring to it as "by far my worst book" and regretting having written it.


Middle Pillar Ritual by Israel Regardie

Francis Israel Regardie. But it was before the war, in the s, when Regardie took his ideas on therapy and combined them with magic in general, and the practice known as The Middle Pillar in particular. His first book to explore this topic was The Art of True Healing published in In he published The Middle Pillar, wherein the basic ideas presented were expanded upon, including references to Freudian and Jungian psychology and Chinese meditation practices involving the circulation of a chi, or a psycho-physical energy throughout the body. In addition, it is in his book, The Middle Pillar, whose full title is — The Middle Pillar: A Co-Relation of the Principles of Analytical Psychology and the Elementary Techniques of Magic — wherein the link between The Middle Pillar practice and the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is most strongly made, and where Regardie sees ritual magic and its attendant visualization practices as not only a means of creating and sustaining health, but also as a means of destabilizing a weak or easily influenced personality. Magic and Psycho-Somatic Healing In magic we are told there are a host of psychic centers within our body. Teachings state these centers have relationships with the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as symbolic relationships with stones, plants, animals, even planets, zodiacal signs, and invisible beings.


The Middle Pillar Exercise: Its Use in Healing Psychological and Paranormal Illnesses



Israel Regardie


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