This is nenju sali maruthuvam home remedies. Chest congestion is the common respiratory problem that can cause inflammation in chest and Diabetes siddha maruthuvam is an ancient remedy method. Diabetes is a metabolic condition of a human body in which blood sugar level of a person increases due to less production of insulin in body or cells stop responding to the insulin produced.

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This is nenju sali maruthuvam home remedies. Chest congestion is the common respiratory problem that can cause inflammation in chest and Siddha medicinal treatment is referred as one of the oldest treatment therapy in India. This treatment is mainly dependent upon herbs and roots of some particular plants. Many poisonous plants are also used to treat some types of diseases. It is considered as a branch of ayurveda and developed by the brilliants of early age.

This page will help you to find best siddha doctor in Bangalore. They are known as Siddhars and people highly believe that these siddhars carry supernatural powers. Infant siddha program Bangalore is conducted often. Siddha system believes that there are five elements in the nature: Earth, water, fire, air and ether. In human body; earth element rules over bones, flesh, nerves, skin and hair. Water element rules over blood, semen and sweat. The fire element controls hunger, thirst and sleep.

The element of air looks over expansion, movement etc. And the ether element rules over stomach, heart neck and head. Siddha medicines are based upon this rules and works of elements. There are many siddha medicine shops in Bangalore. You can get the medicines in Bangalore siddha pharmacy.

Siddha medicines can fight against any disease without any side effects. Basically this theory is classified into 3 categories: - Herbal Therapy, Metal and Mineral Therapy and Animal and other spices therapy. These treatments not only cure but also prevent the future problems of mind and body.

In some types of siddha treatments the practitioners use even gold and silver to give extra health benefits and to cure many types of diseases. Basically the three methods of Siddha therapy are: 1. Divine Method Devamaruthuvam 2.

Rational Method Manidamaruthuvam 3. Surgical Method Asuramaruthuvam And the medicines are also classified into internal medicines and external medicines. Basically siddha medical theory promotes the methods of Yoga, Pranayam, Kayakalpam, Varamam, Rasavatham, Herbal massage theory etc.

These therapies not only heal body but also deal with soul. The 8 main analytic methods adopted by Siddha therapists are as follows: 1. Naadi or Pulse diagnosis 2. Sparisam or touch theory 3.

Niram that is the colour of the skin 4. Naa that is tongue examination 5. Malam that is faeces of the patient 6. Vizhi that is eye testing of the patient 7. Mozhi that is speech examination and 8. Moothiram that is urine test of the patient.


Download Tamil Siddha Medicine Books – pdf for Free.

The details of the 18 siddars who represent the 9 navagrahas are given below 1. Sri Bhogar siddar - Mars 4. Pullipanisiddar - Mars 6. Sri Sattai muni siddar- Kethu 7. Sri Agapaisiddar - Jupiter 8. SriKudambai siddar - Kethu Sri Vallalarsiddar - Mercury



This system was formulated and established about more than years back by the eminent powers called Siddhars and hence the name Siddha Medicine. The medicines were prepared by the various research work done by the Siddhars on herbs,minerals and animals. There are also 18 prime Siddhars who are the followers of the primordial Guru, contributed their valuable knowledge and experiences in this field. This medical system was then carried over generations after generations by the Traditional practitioners under Gurukula system, it was found and practiced in the earliest Dravidian civilization and hence was developed in Tamil language only. Then after independence,the government of Tamil Nadu developed this Traditional system as a Medical system.

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