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Number of input and output elements: Program capacity: 30 K step. Processing speed: 0. Program memory capacity: KB. Support USB and network. Providing high speed communication between multiple CPU. Shorten the fixed scan interrupt time, high precision device. The minimum interval of the fixed period interrupt program is reduced to s. The high speed signal can be accurately obtained, which makes the contribution to the higher precision of the device. High speed and high precision machine control by multi CPU.

By parallel processing of the linear and multi CPU high-speed communication cycle 0. Multi CPU high speed communication cycle and motion control synchronization, so it can achieve the maximization of computing efficiency. In addition, the latest movement control CPU in performance is 2 times the previous model, To ensure high speed and high accuracy of the machine control.

Multimode fiber optic cable. Decentralized control of large scale controller, IE CC-Link controller network module connected with various field network. The performance of the cycle data update is improved. The transmission delay time is shortened, and the synchronous waiting time of the application can be shortened Q03UDECPU On the same network to achieve the KB network shared memory cycle data.

No need to distinguish the network can handle large capacity data. Input points: 16 points. Input voltage and current: 6mA DC5V. Easy connection programming tool via ethernet. Therefore, this connection method and the use of USB, can easily communicate with the CPU, Even the operators are not familiar with the network settings can easily establish a connection. A variety of modules with excellent performance, Meet the needs of various control from analog to location.

Can fully meet the switch, sensor, such as the input and output, temperature, weight, flow and motor, drive control, As well as the requirements of high-precision control of the positioning of the industry, the control needs of various fields.

Can also be used in combination with the CPU module to achieve appropriate control. Continue to go beyond, to climb the peak of Q series. Strengthen security function. In addition to the English letters, numbers, but also the use of special characters, To further enhance the security of the password.

Therefore, it is important to prevent the outflow of important program assets and protect intellectual property rights. See more


Q03 Ethernet CPU



MELSEC-Qシリーズ シーケンサCPU(ユニバーサルモデル) (Q03UDECPU)


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