Shelves: horrible This book really makes me sad. There are a lot of false things written in it. The key to life and understanding : we have to believe first, then comes the understanding. But if we think that faith to God is stale

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Eu quero ler esses livros! Bom dia Presidente Jair Bolsonaro. Conto com a retomada do crescimento e da plena atividade, para colocar minhas contas em dia. Neale Donald Walsch Imagine…the freedom of soul and mind and body that would be experienced when you understand at last that you really are One with God! Imagine the power that you would experience—the power to create the life of your dreams, and to assist others in creating theirs!

Neale Donald Walsch As long as you are worried about what others think of you, you are owned by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself. Neale Donald Walsch First, you must choose to be. You must select yourself. It is a matter of self-selection. You must decide that this is who you are. Then, you must decide to demonstrate your decision about yourself, every hour of every day. You must understand that every act is an act of self-definition.

Everything you think, say, and do defines you, announces your choice about yourself. That, of course, is impossible. So try to not be disappointed in anything. Know that life is showing up perfectly in every moment. There is nothing that is permanent.

There is nothing that stays. Everything goes. Which is an interesting fact about life. And when you under stand this, everything goes. There are no restrictions anymore.

Neale Donald Walsch The soul is God. It is the part of God that resides in us. So when we connect with the soul, we connect with God at the same time. Viva como tal. The book contains a striking invitation to each person who becomes aware of its messages. Excerpts are posted here every other day. Each excerpt picks up where the last entry left off. For purposes of continuity, you may wish to follow the excerpts closely. Those wishing to obtain a personal copy may do so at most online book outlets.

Q: That all sounds like a big order. You see? This is the moment when I get discouraged. My experience has been that these goals are very hard to reach, that these are the behaviors of masters who are very hard to emulate.

A: Actually, your experience has been exactly the opposite. A: All of these things you have already experienced. You have already had moments in which you moved away from a negative thought and simply changed your mind about something.

You have already had moments in which you loved yourself, and others, and life itself fully, and needed nothing to change—even when not everything was to your liking. You have already had moments in which you moved from mourning to celebrating after the death of another, and you likewise have had moments in which you truly did not fear your own death.

And finally, there have been many times when you have felt the vibration of the moment, of something you were projecting, of something you were being invited to eat or to wear or to do, and responded to that vibration by shifting the frequency of your own energy and making a new decision about whatever you were being invited to encounter or experience. You have all done all of this. None of this is outside of your capabilities.

Not a single aspect of this is beyond your ken. Nothing described here exceeds your level of mastery as a sentient being. You merely have to decide to be this way more often. Q: —I know, I know. Why would HEBs choose to come to Earth, where the species is so young and apparently so unable to learn or unwilling to embrace, even after millennia, the simple, basic formula we have been offered here for producing a wonderful life?

Why not go somewhere else to help a species to awaken? Why not go to a planet where the entities are far more advanced, and may be just a few steps away from embracing the understandings that it takes to fully awaken? A: Some do. Q: Well, good. The simple commitment to undertake anything, and the actions and activities involved in doing so, provide all the sense of achievement or accomplishment that a HEB desires.

It is the best and highest expression of Self for which a being at this level of consciousness yearns. It is not necessary for the outcome of that expression to take a particular form for the experience of the expression to be validated, justified, or celebrated.

Neale Donald Walsch Life is a decision conveyor. Q: I am trying. I am really trying. We all are. Can you help me? A: You might begin by letting this very conversation be of lasting benefit. Read the transcript that you have made of it often. Pay attention to the list of sixteen ways in which an awakened species behaves. Place particular focus in your personal life on Item numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 14, 15, and Q: Thank you.

I will do that. I will do exactly that. But is there anything else you can tell me, any other ideas you might offer? A: Yes. Number one, see your whole life as the process, not just a small period within that whole.

So do not seek to complete the integration of all that you have come to understand within the next year or month or week or day. Let your process take the time it will take. A: Impatience can be not so beneficial if you let it stop you from acknowledging how far you have come and how fast you have done so, and letting that inspire you about your tomorrows.

Q: In other words, be kind to myself. A: In other words, be kind to yourself. Your progress has been exponential. This is true of all those who are following the conversation here.

It is, in fact, why and how they have come to do so. All of you are now stepping into The Perfect Time for Advancement. The biggest part of the mountain, the toughest climb, is behind you. Conversando com Deus.


Neale Donald Walsch

Eu quero ler esses livros! Bom dia Presidente Jair Bolsonaro. Conto com a retomada do crescimento e da plena atividade, para colocar minhas contas em dia. Neale Donald Walsch Imagine…the freedom of soul and mind and body that would be experienced when you understand at last that you really are One with God!


Conversas Com Deus - Livro 1



Conversando com Deus Neale Donald Walsch



Conversando Com Deus - Livro 1


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