For the Katipunan leadership, such as Emilio Jacinto, the ideas of Right and Light, Katwiran and Kaliwanagan, were of utmost importance. They saw themselves as not only as inheritors of the Age of Enlightenment, but intellectual and moral revolutionaries fighting to create and define a nation and culture that was post-Enlightenment; that was no longer shackled by the ideological and colonial restraints of the West, but a country that adopted and merged the best of Spain, the United States, France, and our own unique culture and society, in support of being Filipino. Outside of obliquely and directly referencing it, that is. The Kartilya of the Katipunan A life that is not consecrated to a large and holy greatness is a tree without shade, if not a poisonous weed. Good work that comes from selfish desires and not from a true desire for excellence is not kindness. Real piety is hard work and love for fellowmen, and measuring each action, labor and speech by true Reason.

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Gonzales, Plata and Diwa were councilors. It was also in when Basa and Diwa organized the provincial council of Cavite, which would later be the most successful council of the society. It was also in when Emilio Jacinto , a nephew of Dizon who was studying law at the University of Santo Tomas , joined the Katipunan.

It was written in Tagalog and all recruits were required to commit it to heart before they were initiated. Jacinto would later be called the Brains of the Katipunan. Kalayaan was published through the printing press of the Spanish newspaper Diario de Manila. This printing press and its workers would later play an important role in the outbreak of the revolution. Jacinto replaced Santiago as secretary. Over the next four years, the Katipunan founders would recruit new members.

By the time the society was uncovered, the American writer James Le Roy estimated the strength of the Katipunan at , to , members. Historian Teodoro Agoncillo estimated that the membership had increased to around 30, by The Katipunan founders spent their free time recruiting members. For example, Diwa, who was a clerk at a judicial court, was assigned to the office of a justice of the peace in Pampanga.

He initiated members in that province as well as Bulacan, Tarlac, and Nueva Ecija. Most of the Katipuneros were plebeian although several wealthy patriots joined the society and submitted themselves to the leadership of Bonifacio. Katipunero plural, mga Katipunero is the demonym of a male member of the Katipunan. Katipunera plural, mga Katipunera refers to female members.

Triangle system and grades[ edit ] Two infographs depicting the ranks within the Katipunan and the Triangle system of recruitment. It was the original plan of Bonifacio to increase the membership of the Katipunan by means of sistemang patatsulok or triangle system. He formed his first triangle with his two comrades, Teodoro Plata and Ladislao Diwa. Each of them re-instituted Katipunan thoughts into another two new converts.

The founder of the triangle knew the other two members, but the latter did not know each other. In December the system was abolished after proving it to be clumsy and complicated. In the meeting of the society, Katipon wore a black hood with a triangle of white ribbon having the letters "Z.

Kawal wore a green hood with a triangle having white lines and the letters "Z. Bayani Hero wore a red mask and a sash with green borders, symbolizing courage and hope.

The front of the mask had white borders that formed a triangle with three Ks arranged as if occupying the angles of a triangle within a triangle, and with the letters "Z. Another password was Rizal.

Countersigns enabled members to recognize one another on the street. A member meeting another member placed the palm of his right hand on his breast and, as he passed the other member, he closed the hands to bring the right index finger and thumb together.

First degree members. Second degree members. Other symbols: green ribboned-medallion with Malayan K inscription.

Third degree members. Other symbols: Red hood and sash, with green borders. Katipon could graduate to Kawal class by bringing several new members into the society. A Kawal could become a Bayani upon being elected an officer of the society. The neophyte was first blindfolded and then led into a dimly lighted room with black curtains where his folded cloth was removed from his eyes.

Never shall the doors of the Supreme and Venerable Society of the Sons of the People be opened to you. Inside the candle-lit room, they would be brought to a table adorned with a skull and a bolo. There, they would condemn the abuses of the Spanish government and vow to fight colonial oppression: [39] [40] 1. In what condition did the Spaniards find the Tagalog land when they came? Expected answer "When the Spaniards came to the Philippine shores on March 16, , the Filipinos were already in a civilized state.

They had freedom of government; they had artillery; they had silk dresses; they had carried on commerce with Asia; they had their own religion and their own alphabet. In short, they had liberty and independence. In what condition do they find themselves now?

Expected answer "The friars have not really civilized the Filipinos, since enlightenment was contrary to their interests. The Filipinos called Tagalogs by the Katipunan were merely superficially taught formulas of Catechism for which they paid numerous costly fiestas for the benefit of the friars.

What hopes do they have for the future? Expected answer "With faith, valor, and perseverance, these evils will be remedied. If the neophyte persisted, he was presented to the assembly of the brethren, who subjected him to various ordeals such as blindfolding him and making him shoot a supposedly a revolver at a person, or forcing him to jump over a supposedly hot flame. I also swear and pledge to respect the leaders, not to betray them, their orders of instructions, and so I attest with my blood, which is shed here in this document.

He was then accepted as a full-pledged member, with a symbolic name by which he was known within Katipunan circles. Admission of women to the society[ edit ].


Andres Bonifacio’s Decalogue, and the Kartilya ng Katipunan

It was like a code of conduct that shows how to be a true Filipino in words and action. I believe that this Kartilya ng Katipuan shows the path on how to live a meaningful life for every Filipino. Many of us may have different explanation and understanding about it but it is appropriate to have a better understanding or explanation to its contents. The first highlights the significance of living life with a purpose. Life is a gift given to everyone that must be treasured by making it meaningful through setting up goals and achieving it no matter how hard it is.


I Write As I Write

The Kartilya ng Katipunan The Teachings of the Katipunan Realizing the importance of a primer to indoctrinate the members of the society in its ideals, Jacinto prepared one which he called Kartilla, a word adopted from the Spanish cartilla which at the time meant a primer for grade school students. The Kartilla consisted of thirteen "teachings" which the members of the society were expected to follow. The primer follows: Filipino version from a handout of the Centennial Commission. Strangely, it consisted only of twelve teachings. Kartilya ng Katipunan ni Emilio Jacinto Ang buhay na hindi ginugugol sa isang malaki at banal na kadahilanan ay kahoy na walang lilim, kundi damong makamandag. Ang gawang magaling na nagbuhat sa paghahambog o pagpipita sa sarili, at hindi talagang nasang gumawa ng kagalingan, ay di kabaitan.


Ang kabuhayang hindi ginugugol sa isang malaki at banal na kadahilanan ay kahoy na walang lilim, kundi damong makamandag 2. Ang gawang magaling na nagbubuhat sa pagpipita sa sarili, at hindi sa talagang nasang gumawa ng kagalingan, ay di kabaitan. Ang may mataas na kalooban inuuna ang puri sa pagpipita sa sarili; ang may hamak na kalooban inuuna ang pagpipita sa sarili sa puri. Value of time 8.



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