Bagor The subtle blue of the dial and bezel with the yellow accents look fantastic. The watch will go into sev eral power saving modes that will help save the battery, but it will immediately snap to the correct time as soon as it detects a little light. Eco drive means it will never need a battery replacement. The ability to swap the time from the digital display to the analogue display is wonderful when changing time zones.

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Page 2 Some models have multiple functions. There may be some discrepancy between the illustrations shown and the appearance of your watch, however the method of operation will remain the same.

Tachymeter, speed calculation Page 3: How To Use The Tachymeter Lay the watch horizontally and align the hour hand of the watch with the direction of the sun. Then, read the scale above the rotating bezel, to which the minute hand points so as to figure out the elapsed time. How to use the calculator function Note: In some models, the inner and outer scales are opposite. Be sure to make the appropriate substitutions to the following instructions.

You can read the digit Page 7 [How to convert volume between different units of measurement] You can convert fuel between Pounds lbs , U. S Gallons, Imperial Gallons or Liters. Q : How much is Gallons, Imperial Gallons and Litres respectively? LBS is 0. Page 8 [How to convert distance between the different units of measurement] You can convert between Kilometers, Nautical Miles and Statute miles. Page 9 How to use the motor sports function [Calculation of time needed to reach a set distance] Q : How long does it take for a vehicle travelling at a speed of 80km to travel km?

Result: 5 Hours 5. Result: 80km corresponding to of the inner scale can be figured out. Page 11 [Calculation of fuel consumption] Q : How much fuel is needed for a vehicle to run 5 hours if the fuel consumption rate of that vehicle is 7 liters per hour?

Result: 35 liters - 35 corresponds to 5. Page 12 How to use the aviation function [Calculation of time needed to travel a set distance] Q : If the speed of an aircraft is knots, how much time does it take the aircraft to fly nautical miles?

Page 13 [Calculation of fuel consumption rate consumption per hour ] Q : If the flight time is 30 minutes and gallons fuel is consumed, what is the fuel consumption rate? A : Align 12 of the outer scale with 30 of the inner scale. Page 14 [Calculation of the flight time] Q : If an aircraft consumes gallons per hour, how many hours can it fly when consuming gallons fuel? Result: Two hours and thirty minutes - corresponds to 55 of the outer scale.

Page World Time 6. World Time The rotating bezel or dial ring , may feature the names of major city around the world in the sequence of time difference. The approximate time of all the Hour hand major cities can be determined by using the rotating bezel. Example: Perhaps you want to know the time of Paris while in Tokyo. This manual is also suitable for:.


How do I Set a Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angel Watch?



Setting Instructions





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