November November 02, I was just about to give up hope on anyone knowing who Tipler or Kerr was on this worldline. November 02, I saw the posting requesting the basic systems for a gravity distortion system that will allow time travel. Here they are: 1. Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities.

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I refer to your report on the Aussies repelling a Chinese invasion. Hint: The answer is YES. One of the issues that runs throughout your posts is this moral ambiguity. Your immediate decision, in itself, is its own authority. In the basic life versus non-life equation you should choose to support life. The God whom I love is inside. Quayle III on AM Thumbs up Guierdjeff,Ouspensky spoke of how humans will eventually need to go back in time and bring every wrong to right ,every hitler to moot.

Through tech or mind one will eventually give into the good,if one can travel through time then fixing things would be the new prime directive I would think,to take it upon oneself to right the wrongs if one can to protect the beautiful thing which is the fragile human life experience,to be loyal to this experience all we humans reading this go through To nurture humans in what ever time one finds oneself into.

To awaken in a utopia because men and women went back and hinted and helped some who were to be swayed by evil to be strong and do what we all know is right. Eventually we all have to get along on the planet.

Perhaps telepathy would be a better communicational tool ,then what is currently being used on the planet. I just wanted to say that there have been a few complaints from some who think your not answering their questions to their satisfaction. But as you can see, that was not the case, nor is it now with others. More people nowadays are coming forward that besides the technical questions being answered, your showing signs of just being general, vague, contradictive or just plain not knowledgeable in these other areas.

Where as you say, you being a Time Traveler from the year , you should know this. Just wanted to make it known to you, before you use your manipulative ways to make it seem like if you answered the question.

You reverse alot of what you answer. And you know it. Better then over coming our problems on our own, when there is an instant fix for it. Just change the past without them knowing it, for a future hidden agenda. In case you had no idea, I was being sarcastic. Its concerning two television commercials advertising the same cellular phone product. In the first commercial, a man dressed in cold weather gear appears to be in a snowstorm.

We then see he is standing in front of a snow machine at a ski resort area. In the second commercial, another man dressed in cold weather gear is talking on a cellular phone.

We see a young women inviting him to a romantic evening. He seems a bit stunned and excited, hangs up the phone and runs off. We then see he has abandoned an unconscious person he was giving emergency medical treatment to. What do you think of these commercials? Posted by Craig Cuthbert on AM John — I think you live in an area that is being aimed because of a demographic profile. They would never run those kinds of ads in abig city. People would get fired up too easily. And if so, would that fall under one of your agendas?

Posted by Lola Montez on PM John, At the risk of asking too many questions and taking up more than my share of cyberspace, please respond to one more train of thought.

You refuse to give advice that might actually allow someone to dodge the bullet. I postulate that you actually do not have any more of an advantage or responsibility than the person who grabs someone who is about to step off the curb and get hit by a bus. I am messing with the way time and space is perceived and the nature of reality with this form of transportation. Our possible new ability to time travel in the future may not seem any more exotic than our ability to access other cultures is now.

Anyway, I think maybe your reluctance to elaborate is unwarranted. What happens, happens and everything is experience. I have come to the place that there is no such thing as a bad experience just painful crash courses in personal growth. Seems we have similar attitudes about choice and responsibility. Also, about religion as experiential.

Lola Posted by Jim Houlahan on PM John — Are you posting on other non time travel related boards without revealing your status as a time traveler? Is the conversation as interesting? What are your conclusions so far? By the same token, why do we take the Prime Directive from Star Trek, for granted? It seems to have something to do with being able to operate with an unfair advantage. What is this about technology that seems to put the users at odds with natural law? What if John were to rescue someone who was about to be hit by a bus, and this person then went out to a bar that night and killed someone?

I would like to get a little closer to the buzz I first had, that this could be possibly true. John — I think you have answered this — are, or were, you in contact with TTs in , and if so, what percentage of the people accept it as possible?

After the flight of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, it took 10 plus years for people to accept it as anything more than just an urban myth.

He did not time travel to kill Hitlers mother after all. I guess that would be out of the 60 year limit but I imagine there is some bad guy that would fit the bill. Scientists and others are always making knowledgeable predictions but Southern California is still occupied.

I doubt that John telling us what he sees coming would change very much of our behavior no matter how dire the information. Lola Posted by Doug Beauchamp on PM The Prime Directive in Star Trek is to explore space without interfering with any cultures not fully advanced in the area of space exploration. Imagine if people from space came to our planet and gave us the secret of space exploration. Likewise, imagine if a time traveler from the future came to this time period and told us the secret of time travel.

He is a soilder, a person trained to kill. Posted by Craig Cuthbert on PM Lola — Sorry it was a quick post and it jumped across some of the mental references. What is the difference between someone like John saving somebody and someone like me saving somebody? The difference, of course is that John has theoretically come from the future with the assistance of some technology that is not native to our time.

The real interesting question is the one you two raised. Why is this an issue? To me personnaly, its intrinsically poignant. It revolves around the same questions of technology that you could apply if you tried to go back in time with some modern weaponry and alter a particular battle. Posted by Lola Montez on PM Why is it different than using a jet to go to a primitive tribe and give them, say, antiobiotics. Who cares what time zone.

Though you have to ask whether going into a tribe and innoculating them would have unintended consequences, not the least of which would be — which has happened in real life — soldiers coming in and amputating the innocualted limb. I know it might be a bit far from your line of expertise, but your from the future. You should have something insightful to say about this, No?

Well I can understand if you wish not to comment. I know the pressure in answering questions like this can really impose on your persona. Always selective and reserve in what you answer huh? So are you going to have spectators watching you leave, or not? If so, can I come by with a few of my friends? That is, we can postulate all we wish, but a theory must be in place, and several aspects of the experiment must be given a kind of non-variance in regards to belief.

That is my take on this. I am certain no one here is a sucker, but, folks tend to want to go with the crowd. Expose the truth, yes.

So keep up the good work. They are ignorant commercials. Black humor seems to be the way things go these days. Javier — a comment about soliers. I have computer, radio and cryptographers working for me. Our job.. Every person that works for me can climb, run, survive, shoot… and kill. They all know how to do it from the newest Mom in our group to the oldest man me. My 18 year olds are just as deadly in their jobs as the oldest guy which is me.

And killing is one part of it. Many might balk when told they have to do it… but, they WILL do it when the time comes. Anyone know why? Because it is called survival. That is, more than anything, what John has been saying I believe. Whether it will come or not is a different story.

It is MY duty to prevent a war. Nor will any other military member in the US Armed forces.


John Titor - Original Conversations From 2001

I refer to your report on the Aussies repelling a Chinese invasion. Hint: The answer is YES. One of the issues that runs throughout your posts is this moral ambiguity. Your immediate decision, in itself, is its own authority.

700 TBR60 PDF

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 2

The posts discussed time travel in general, the first one being the "six parts" description of what a time machine would need to have to work see below and responses to questions about how such a machine would work. Early messages tended to be short. A second thread was also made due to shortcomings in the forum software at the time. The Titor posts ended in late March Not all refer to the original dates posted.


Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 1

I am a time traveler from the year I am on my way home after getting an IBM computer system from the year The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid. I will be happy to post pictures of the unit. The reason for travelling back in time, he stated, was to retrieve an old computer which contained a component of vital importance to the future. This was a story which was maintained throughout further posts, which appeared in great number across numerous online forums. For many who have researched this enigma, the name John Titor has been an incessant source of fascination, and obsession.


John Titor


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