He finds himself on a planet where his youth promises him power -- perhaps too much power. Can he overcome the peril that faces him without the help of his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn? Customer Book Reviews Another killer ending A Customer on Jan 24, Do you know that feeling where your heart is pounding, you pulse is racing, your stomach twisting in knots, and your adrenaline pumping? All of the six jedi apprentice books have done that to me, and this one is no exception. As an eighteen year old college student, I am well out of the age range, but I not only love these books, I have also gotten my twenty year old roomate hooked on them.

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Early days Edit Obi-Wan Kenobi must become an apprentice by his thirteenth birthday. Consequently, Obi-Wan is forced to use his Jedi powers as a special farmer on the world of Bandomeer. Coincidentally, Qui-Gon is also going to Bandomeer. Although the small Offworld faction on Bandomeer is quickly put into check, Xanatos manages to escape the planet.

However, on the planets of Phindar and Gala , the two are tested by a corrupt ruler named Prince Beju and a crime organization known as The Syndicat. These problems are eventually solved by the two Jedi, whose relationship continually strengthens. This group of children attempts to stop the civil war between the Melida faction and the Daan faction, which results in numerous fatalities and the near death of Tahl, who was imprisoned by the Melida.

Obi-Wan chooses to leave the Order, much to the disappointment of Qui-Gon. When Qui-Gon returns to the Jedi Temple , he learns that it is under attack by a mysterious power.

There, they learn that Offworld Corporation and, ultimately, Xanatos is using a front called UniFy to manipulate and plunder the planet. Helpless, Xanatos commits suicide. After tense diplomatic and covert operations, the four Jedi are reunited, and Kegan is opened up to the Galaxy. On a mission to the planet of Rutan and the moon of Senali , Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must stop a tense political crisis, which nearly results in all-out civil war.

However, the attack was orchestrated to lure Qui-Gon into the hands of Jenna Zan Arbor , a Force-experimenting scientist. To maintain his calm, Qui-Gon is forced to endure torture and verbal jousting matches with the scientist.

Back on Coruscant , Obi-Wan is desperate to locate his old Master. Qui-Gon and sixteen-year-old Obi-Wan go to New Apsolon to assist Tahl, where they encounter a planet locked in a struggle between the high class and the low class. During the mission to find Tahl, Qui-Gon realizes that his concern for Tahl goes beyond friendship. However, when Tahl and Qui-Gon do encounter each other, they pledge their love to each other. Immediately thereafter, Tahl is captured by Apsolon extremists once again.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan desperately search the entire planet for Tahl. Grief-stricken, Qui-Gon goes into a rage and prepares to kill those who are responsible for her death. Although Qui-Gon nearly gives in to his revenge, he manages to bring the people responsible to justice, and not death. Final missions Edit On the planet of Frego , Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan must elude a criminal family to apprehend a witness to the lethal issues caused by the family.

By this point, seventeen-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi is coming of age. On a planet filled with work-obsessed life forms, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must prevent terrorist attacks from sparking an all-out civil war. During the mission, Qui-Gon gives Obi-Wan more command over certain aspects of the assignment, which gives Obi-Wan added responsibility on his journey toward becoming a Jedi Knight.

Books in the series Edit The books include in chronological order :.


The Uncertain Path (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, Book 6)

Maybe he shouldt have tried to put himself in the shoes of a year-old pah swept away into a revolution led by kids his own age. Return to Book Page. Overall, the story was well crafted, and the emotions and reactions of the characters were very realistic without the magic of the store being about Jedi being broken. I pride myself on being a Star Wars uncerfain, but these stories are just so bland. I really liked this narrative and wanted know what would happen nett. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.


The Uncertain Path

The Young eventually win the war, but then are left with establishing a new government, rebuilding after the war, and all the other problems of running a war torn planet. They are soon informed by Yoda that someone is stealing things and vandalizing the temple. As the problems escalate, Qui-Gon is assigned the task of nabbing the culprit. But how far will the problems go? But will Qui-Gon take him back? Scott: This is probably one of the best Jedi Apprentice novels.


Books similar to The Uncertain Path (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, #6)

This particular story picks up with Obi-Wan having actually chosen to leave the Jedi Order in favor of fighting for peace on a planet he had come to love. A fast moving, well written yarn. Flipping the usual settings—the master is in the Temple and the padawan is out on the field, when usually one would expect it to be the other way around—helps showcase their emotional states and their assessments of each other. Now, I will admit right off the bat, that the Jedi Apprentice books are geared toward young readers with Amazon. He was trying to tell Qui-Gon that the reason Obi-Wan quitted was because Qui-Gon himself created the situation where Obi-Wan felt he had no choice but to quit. The Uncertain Path I liked how the book tried to show us how by forgetting our apprntice, we are doomed to repeat our own mistakes. Every teenager goes thru the stage o Actual rating is 3.



I did not expect a young readers novel to be so insightful. With all due honesty, the author did a marvellous job capturing the emotional conflict of both a young apprentice and experienced mentor and dare I say, she did better for the latter? Spoilers to follow. In this book, we follow up from where the previous one left off with Obi-Wan making the decision to leave the Jedi Order. I have to admit that initially, I got really defensive, partly because Qui-Gon is my favourite SW character, but also because my initial mindset echoed that of other adults here: If the student wishes to quit, how can one make it the fault of the master?

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