I really needed a good laugh. I got that and then some. I saw this book on a list of "guilty pleasures" on a blog and decided to give it a try, because I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. Suddenly, he sees a woman with whom he feels instant and undeniable connection, and knows that she is his true mate. There is a moment where their eyes meet and she is paralyzed instantly by his stare. Oh, then her clothes started suddenly flying off of her.

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She is his Sacred Mate! On Tryston, the warriors are large, well-endowed, and constantly horny for sex. Damn fine, apparently. As I said, once I agreed to be entertained by the campy aspects, the more nitpicky plot points — why does Kyra let go of her worries, her homesickness, and her old life so easily? Who is your master? Whose cock do you wish to fill your moist channel? Who is the sole possessor of the remote control? Even the over-possessive masterful sexx0r talk certainly could corner many fantasies for female readers, and I have to give Black credit for creating a vehicle in Kyra for discovering that domination can be sexually liberating.

Once a warrior finds his Sacred Mate, his appetite for bound slaves and kefahs enchanted sand women whose purpose is bringing men and women to their peak. Repeatedly just about disappears and he becomes manfully fixated on making his wee woman happy, sated, and solely his. That said, if scenes that are not bondage-related but do involve verbal domination and female subjugation are not your thing, this will not likely sexually titillate or interest you.

What dropped this book in my ratings was the villain. Candy and I have often joked and grumbled that the easiest way to create a villain is to make him pure evil: Ugly.

Greasy, even. And an abuser of animals. It seemed too easy a way to create a villain, even so late in the story. After page following page of nonstop horny happy sex and voyeurism and lots of humping and oral sex in the bathing chambers, to be yanked out of the goofy over-the-top sexuality into child rape and murder seemed like a quick and shabby — and overly simple and unnecessary — way to create a villain, or emphasize his evilness.

Yet my disappointment will not stop me from finding the sequels and reading them as well.


The Empress’ New Clothes by Jaid Black



The Empress' New Clothes


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