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Zulkiktilar History of the electric motor. Retrieved 10 September Thyristor Phase-Controlled Converters and Cycloconverters: Household blenders that advertise many speeds frequently combine a field coil with several taps and a diode that can be inserted in series with the motor causing the motor to run on half-wave rectified AC.

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Physics for Entertainment had a unique layout as well as an instructive style. In the preface 11th ed. Perelman wrote: "The main objective of Physics for Entertainment is to arouse the activity of scientific imagination, to teach the reader to think in the spirit of the science of physics and to create in his mind a wide variety of associations of physical knowledge with the widely differing facts of life, with all that he normally comes into contact with.

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The person asked may answer, full of themselves: Bokeshi rated it it was amazing May 12, How does Serbian sound to non-Serbian speakers. Slovene-speakers call the city Dunaj, which in other Central European Slavic languages means the Danube River, evidence has been found of continuous habitation since Fuk, when the site of Vienna on the Danube River was settled by the Celts.

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Red is region A, green is region B, showing the colour for port. The shape is an important feature, as colours cannot be distinguished in some light conditions, or by persons with red-green colour blindness.

Generalized lacz expression with the rosa26 cre reporter strain

Metrics details Abstract Cre-loxP based gene deletion approaches hold great promise to enhance our understanding of molecular pathways controlling mammary development and breast cancer. We reported earlier the generation of transgenic mice that express the Cre recombinase under the control of the mouse mammary tumor virus MMTV long terminal repeat LTR. These mice have become a valuable research tool to delete genes specifically in the mammary gland, other secretory organs, and the female germline.