Chapter One Western Pennsylvania Annabelle Tyler may have hoped she would marry again someday, but she never dreamed she would be wearing handcuffs during the ceremony when she did. Scarcely thirty-six hours after leaving Hanover, Pennsylvania, to forge a respectable future for herself, she barely listened to the man next to her as he grumbled his vows. She glanced up at the man by her side. Harrison Graymoor had been a complete stranger to her until only yesterday, but the ordeal they had endured together had taken its toll. His finely tailored vest and cambric shirt were badly soiled with the same dirt and grime that stained her travel gown, and exhaustion had painted dark circles beneath his ebony eyes.

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May 09, Carly rated it really liked it The picture on the back cover of this book was all I needed to see to make me look forward to reading this book. The picture shows a pair of chairs in front of a warm fireplace. The reader is looking through a frosty window on a cold day, but the scene inside is warm, cozy and romantic.

That was exactly the kind of story I was expecting from Hidden Affections, and that is exactly what I got. Delia Parr has written a story that felt like a warm blanket on a cold day. This was a story that I The picture on the back cover of this book was all I needed to see to make me look forward to reading this book. This was a story that I really enjoyed and was able to read and relax and enjoy. It did start to feel like a bit much after such a delightful and relaxing read for most of the book.

All the tension, though, did make for a very satisfying conclusion once the secrets were out and the problem dealt with. Overall, Hidden Affections is a very enjoyable book. I loved the story and I loved the characters, including Jonah. I would have preferred a little less tension. If you like a nice, romantic stories with characters who are easy to love, then you will love Hidden Affections. The first half of the story was intriguing, watching these polar opposite characters, thrust into a marriage of convenience, of the most extreme form have to read the book to find out kept me wondering what was going to happen in their relationship.

The secondary characters, especially the housekeeper, were a delight. Her spice even added a bit of the humor factor as the main characters worked out their struggles. But as the book wound to a close, about pages from the end, I found myself guilty of skimming. The book started out strong, but did end a bit weak for me personally.

I know from glancing at Amazon that others have loved this book, so take this review with a grain of salt and thanks for taking time to read my personal opinion.

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the publishers for my copy to review.


Hidden Affections (Hearts Along the River Book #3)



Hidden Affections


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