Tighten the nut snugly. Refer to Detail A and form the resistor leads as shown. Tighten the coupler setscrew onto the shaft. Use diagonal cutters or scissors.

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Tighten the nut snugly. Refer to Detail A and form the resistor leads as shown. Tighten the coupler setscrew onto the shaft. Use diagonal cutters or scissors.

The illustrations in it are ar- ranged in Pictorial number sequence. Tighten the screw only finger tight. Reform the straps as necessary. When a wire or wires pass through one connection to another connection, each wire at the first connection will be counted as two wires in the solder instructions, one entering and one leaving the connection. Turn the rotors of both matching capacitors to their fully-meshed positions.

Cables should not be longer than necessary. Slide two contactor springs onto the spacer mounted at BF. When you have made coarse adjustments to the An- tenna Tuner, as indicated hrathkit minimum reflected power, you may increase the power from the exciter At this time, you can make final adjustments to the An- tenna Tuner.

Set the chas- sis assembly aside temporarily. Refer to Pictorial Illustration Booklet, Page 1 2 for the following steps. Then temporarily tighten the two setscrews in the knob. Check for bits of solder, wire ends, or other foreign matter which may be lodged in the wir- ing, 7.

Be sure to position these springs as shown in the Pictorial. Start the free mamual of the tension rod into hole BL in the rear inductor end plate. Be sure the 6 flat steel washers on the tension rod are on the sides of the contactor springs away from the end plates. Turn these nuts onto the rods until they are sa against the ceramic insulators and flat fiber washers.

You can now use an amplifier without re- tuning the Antenna Tuner. Set the rotor assembly aside temporarily. Page 59 Heathkit When switch SWl is in the FWD out position, the FWD meter is again enabled to indicate forward power, while switch SW2, in the SWR position, indi- cates the amount of standing wave apparent at the point the sensor is inserted in the transmission line.

One at a time, pull each individual wire from the cable heatbkit you will hdathkit eight separate wires. Cut the leads of a Tighten the hardware finger tight. Com- plete the next three steps carefully to make sure you select the proper wire heatthkit.

Then tightly twist the wire ends and add a small amount of solder to hold the fine strands together. F ceramic capacitor to SW3 lug 4 S-l.

Be sure to record the settings of both variable capacitor knobs and the counter so you can preset the controls the next time you use a particular band. Heathkit Page 53 4. Please do not send parts for testing, unless this is specifi- cally requested by our Consultants.

When the shorting bar is connected between connectors J 3 and J4, con- nectors J4 and J5 are usable for balanced or unba- lanced feed line antennas. Replacement parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warraniy period. I 17 Page 28 Heathkif Locate the following parts: With many antenna systems, you can obtain several different matching combinations. This will make the top edge of the ceramic in- sulator heayhkit flush with the top edge of the capacitor rear plate.

Refer to Detail B and loosen the setscrew in the counter shaft stepped coupler. As you sol- der the strap to the lug, be sure the solder com- pletely penetrates through the solder lug. Then install the setscrew majual hole AS. Then position capacitor Cl into the chassis and into heathhkit rear of the shaft coupler until the shaft is fully seated. Refer to Detail D mznual position either fiberglass shaft into front panel bushing S. For telephone orders parts only dial Related Posts


Heath Heathkit SA-2060A Manual

Fegore Be sure to tell us: Then insert the ends of the threaded rods through the corres- ponding holes in the ceramic insulator plate. Make sure there are no unsoldered connec- tions. The balun coil consists of two separate wind- ings. When you perform the next two steps, be sure to pull each winding until it is snug. Set one of these springs aside until it ehathkit called for during the assembly of the transmitter matching capacitor. Turn these nuts onto the rods until they are snug against the ceramic insulators and flat fiber washers. Antenna Tuner SA Turn a second nut onto each of the two threaded rods of the capacitor assembly.




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