Adjusting to the amount of aggression can be difficult since heads-up battles require you to bet and raise with many hands. This book covers heads-up tournaments, cash matches, the final two of a multi-table tournament, and blind-vs-blind play at fuller tables. With more heads-up matches available, becoming proficient in them is highly profitable. This text is the first strategy book devoted to no-limit heads-up play. You will learn to: 1. Master expected value, equity, and heads-up fundamentals 2.

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Expert Advice for Winning Heads-Up Poker MatchesMoshman clearly outlines a comprehensive strategy for heads-up NLHE, providing numerous tips and advice of use in both cash games and tournaments, as well as for live and online play.

Maximize your heads-up profits through game theory and fundamental business concepts. I am talking about anyone in the top 0. This play is a way to be the one showing moshamn greatest strength preflop, and therefore the natural one to take it down after the flop, without committing a lot of chips.

Yet, most hold em players who transition to the heads-up form, especially if they are from full ring no-limit games, do not succeed. Thus have short-handed six-max tournaments become more attractive to players, as have sit-n-gos versus MTTs. Find Threads Started moshmn React1oN. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. To continue our discussion facing button raises, we now address three-betting in more detail.

So with K 2we should be inclined to fold rather than three-overbet. Send a private message to React1oN. Even an intermediate skill player where I would consider myself is likely to improve their Excellent read. User Name Remember Me? Send a private message to filthyvermin. Does an excellent job of discussing the issues involved when playing heads up whether a heads up match, the heads up portion a the end of a tournament, or other heads up situations like blind versus blind.

So whether you are an aspiring heads-up professional, or want to be ready for the next time you re challenged to a one-on-one battle, Heads Up No-Limit Hold em provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

My guess is that Moshman is in the top 0. Jason Velasco rated it it was amazing Apr 04, I doubt anybody has a meaningful edge vs Moshman, and if yeads do they probably would not for very long in a husng. What most poker players crave. Sometimes when you heaxs the big blind and the button raises, you should make a larger-than-normal reraise to simplify further decision-making. This part collects twenty or so short chapters that focus on a wide variety of heads-up specific issues.

The book is organized into seven parts, beginning with koshman Fundamentals. Send a private message to citanul. And against a flat-call and missed flop, we will be playing a huge pot, out of position, generally facing three overcards. Originally Posted by stackingboxes Hdads read the book? Related Posts.



Shakagrel Csomay rated it really liked it Sep 15, And we are only a slight favorite against the remainder of his possible calling hands, such as king-ten suited or king-queen offsuit. Apr 11, Christoph Weber rated it it was amazing Shelves: Send a private message to stackingboxes. Collin articulates his thoughts brilliantly and i learn so much from watching his videos. I am not saying the guy is some kind of poker god.


Heads-up No-limit Hold Em Poker



Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'em


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