It will help us to refine our name database. Zulqarnain is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Zulqarnain name meanings is Someone with two beautiful eyes. People search this name as Zulqarnain, Zulqarnain in urdu, Zulqarnain haider, Akmal zulqarnain, Zulqarnain meaning urdu, Zulqarnain meaning in urdu, Boy zulqarnain. Each letter meanings in Zulqarnain Name.

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Who is the Prophet Zulqarnain? Have you an answer about the Iron gate or the iron dam that stopped Gog and Magog and [is] still in work until the end of time. Where is it? These were apparently revealed in response to three questions asked by the Quraish. However certain hints are given which can be helpful in arriving at a decision as to who actually was Zulqarnain. Secondly, what was the importance of Zulqarnain for Quraish who asked about him?

In fact these two questions are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation, that is, if a personality from history fits the charecteristics of Zulqarnain then we will also have to find out about his importance for any of the three groups mentioned above, for without any historic importance it seems illogical that any of the three groups instigated the question. These were Alexander the Greek conqueror and Cyrus the Persian conqueror.

He is also depicted as a kindhearted and just ruler. Now it is known about Alexander that he was a polytheist and no incidents of his kindness and justice are explicitly recorded in history. But as far as Cyrus is concerned we find out that the extent of his expeditions was towards west, east and north that is, after becoming the king of Persia, Cyrus went on different expeditions, ultimately conquering almost eighty percent of the civilized world at that time.

He became the king of this vast empire stretching from Lydia west to India east and Bactria north to Babylon south. In fact, these traits of his personality were so conspicuous that friend and foe equally acknowledged this fact. The prophet Zoroaster who was probably contemporary to Cyrus preached belief in one God, the hereafter and all other basic good deeds that form a part of Divine religions.

Now the second question will be answered in the light of the first. As far as Alexander is concerned, there is no mention of him in the history of either the Quraish or the Jews and Christians in any manner which makes him significant for either of these groups.

But as far as Cyrus is concerned we find out that though he had no significance for Quraish and Christians but Jews had a very special importance for him in their history. What was this importance of Cyrus for Jews? Anyone who is familiar with the Jewish history knows that the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar conquered the kingdom of Judea in sixth century B. C and the Jews were taken to Babylon as captives. The temple of Jerusalem was plundered and desecrated.

From then onwards the Jews remained in Babylon as captives for seventy years. During this time the Prophet Daniel was appointed in Jews. He was the Prophet who at one time, after receiving revelation from God in a dream, announced the coming of a savior of Jews—the one who would release them from the captivity of the Babylonians. In that dream the Prophet Daniel saw this savior as a ram with two horns Zulqarnain—one with two horns Daniel The two horns metaphorically showed the two kingdoms of Media and Persia united and ram depicting the savior himself showed him to be the conqueror and king of this united kingdom.

This king was Cyrus. He was the one who afterwards conquered the Babylonian kingdom and released the Jews from captivity and allowed them to go back to their homeland and build the temple. It was because of these reasons that Jews held him in very high esteem and considered him as their savior as predicted by the Prophet Daniel. Apart from Prophet Daniel, Prophet Isaiah and Jermiah also foretold the destruction of Jerusalem, captivity of Jews and then release with the coming of Cyrus as the savior Isaiah , Jermiah , With this explanation it becomes clear that Jews had great regard for the Persian king Cyrus.

This personality Cyrus happens to be the same, which we have alluded to, in the first question. The above discussion verifies this notion also and it seems quite possible that actually the Jews instigated the question and the Quraish asked it on their behalf. However, it would be pertinent to mention in brief the three expeditions and the wall built by Zulqarnain Cyrus. He must have had the same vision in front of him at that time.

Next, Cyrus turned his attention towards the barbaric nomadic tribes of the eastern part of the Iranian plateau. As for the iron wall itself, its remains probably can still be found in the area of the Caucasus region called Dariel Pass. We should always talk about it in terms of our own understanding and knowledge, as the door for further research is always open. Note: This Response is written by Mr.


Who is the Prophet Zulqarnain?



Sakandar Zulqarnain by Ghulam Rabbani Islamic Urdu Free Book PDF


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