These jigs are made in three sizes and with one to six compartments subdivided by a shallow partition into a screen compartment and a plunger compartment. The coarse and heaviest particles settle onto the screen and are removed by a side drawoff. The heavy fine particles pass through openings in screen into hopper-shaped hutch, from which they are discharged intermittently or continuously. The light particles pass into next compartment where currents are of lower velocity. Standard construction is tanks and frames made of kiln-dried Douglas fir and laminated wood plungers.

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Zolorisar Harz Jig Concentrators The results are reported as being quite as good with the pulsator- as with the plunger-jig. The feeder next sends it to a trommel with 8-mm. Graphite, being lighter than quartz, is an exception to the above rule; its hat form helps save it. The glass pulsator-jig, Fig. If there are small crumblings coming off from jjig concentrates, due to abrasion, these small grains may find their way into the tailings. The reason for mentioning them here is to bring out the advantage they possess over the rectangular settling-tank.

If it has too much included grains it will need to be recrushed. The slime is kept out of the spigots by the fact that the sand has to pass uarz an annular conical zone of clear water in order to get out of the spigot. Definition of Harz jig Here, as in Wilfley tailings, hindered-settling is not so good as free-settling, and free-settling is not so good as sizing for separating the fine from the coarse. Further, the upper holes, C, D, are smaller in size, 0. The amount of hutch is extremely small, and consists of particles abraded from the ore on the jig-bed.

By using a single revolving-cock and distributing the current through seven regulating-cocks, the seven compartments can be furnished each with its own pulsating rising current.

Jigging cycles are said to consist of pulsion and suction. The object of this paper is to set forth the methods of saving this fine free mineral. It treats an unscreened, unclassified feed—yielding a clean, hraz concentrate. We have to decide in regard hwrz included grains whether they are rich enough to go direct to the furnace, or poor enough to throw away, or whether they lie between these two points and require recrushing as the only means of severing the values from the waste.

Similarly, the black circles represent galena with a gravity 7. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Here the side-discharge concentrates and the hutch are both clean and very large in quantity, and the tailings are free from fine free mineral, because, while a certain amount of small grains of heavy mineral finds its way into the first spigot, the grains are not small enough to go into the tailings as fine free mineral.

The same work has been done for the 13 minerals referred to under Free-Settling, and the hindered-settling diameter-ratios given in Table XII. I am assuming that the slime has been already separated from it.

Finally, we have a pressure-box into which the wash-water is admitted and where it divides itself into two parts, that which rises and does the work in the sorting- column and that which goes down and out the spigot with the discharged sand. Other jgi complications also arise. The method in both cases is the same. The light particles pass into next compartment where currents are of lower velocity. The charged centres which are responsible.

Method of Getting Hindered-Settling: Here again we see the ratios run from 3 to 3. Such machines are especially suitable for coarse ores. The slimes that come in with the feed are taken out by the first and second compartments and appear in these two products. The matter, in my belief, is still unsettled as to whether jgi can be saved by any means or not. In pulsion the fluid is moving upward with respect to stationary reference point. The pulsator-jig tailings were slightly haz in copper, but the plan of hharz them to remove the small quantity of fine free mineral had not then been devised.

In coal washing ,pieces as course as 4 to 5 inches can be washed in jigs. TOP Related.


Harz Jig Concentrators

Gromuro The Work of a Free-Settling Classifier: The initial period of the fall in water, during which the motion depends chiefly on density, is thus continually reproduced, and the result is a perfect separation of heavy from light particles of ore when working on any materials except the finest pulp. This impulse is due to the elasticity of the air, and without it the classifier could not be. Definition of Harz jig By using pebbles, perhaps 1 in. The pulp from this regrinding must go to another classifier, followed by Wilfley tables, and the final winding up at the fine end can be made by sending the tailings of the jif Wilfley tables of both classifiers to a Callow screen, the oversize of harrz is clean gangue and the undersize makes a very perfect feed for the smooth-belt vanner; the slime from the finest Wilfley tables of both classifiers can be carried to a Callow cone and be finished up on vanners or other suitable machines.



Record of Results The jig, in one form or another, continues to hold a leading place among the machines designed to separate two or more minerals of different specific gravities. It is simple in construction, easily operated, capable of treating large quantities in a short time, and highly efficient under various conditions. The question, whether the material to be jigged has first been sized, determines the two principal methods of jigging. Jigging preceded by close sizing, generally known as the Continental or German system, involves a more or less elaborate series of screens or trommels, with attendant cost for installation, operation, and repairs. While many modifications have been necessary to adapt it for use in mills of large capacity, where hand-work was necessarily replaced by machines, the principle remains the same; the fact that the English system has been successfully employed, both in this country and abroad, is well known; and arguments have been made for its efficiency and applicability in a wider sphere than it has occupied hitherto. To account for this fact a number of theories have been proposed. The work of Rittinger in this field has, for many years, been a classic in the literature of ore-dressing.


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Mautilar It is simple in hrzeasily operated, capable of treating large quantities in a short time, and highly efficient under various conditions. Iron work consists of necessary tie rods, eccentrics, plunger rods, screens, concentrate draw offs, shafting and bearings. This sorting-column must have the same velocity of rising current in all parts of a horizontal section across it. Tse, and represents the bands of mineral grains where the table was fed with mixed feed, with the understanding that the line H hrz the fine heavy mineral that washes over into the slime, the line G represents the fine free mineral that washes over into the middlings and tailings, we see that the following irregularities take hharz which need to be improved: Fine free mineral is scarcely discernible in the tailings of Wilfley tables treating these products. If, however, the grains of valuable mineral do not sever easily from the gangue, then it may be necessary to break down to half their size in order to liberate a sufficient number of them completely from the gangue, so that the concentrating-machines can satisfactorily do their work. The distinctive upper trash screen prevents foreign tramp matter from interfering with normal jig operation, and the lower wedge-bar screen minimizes the blinding so common in other jigs.

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