The half-day workshop was held at Dempo House, Panaji on Sunday, December 18 and more than students in the age group of 14 to 22 participated along with a handful of parents. If the right clothes and grooming can alter a personality, then the right hair cut also does wonders. He then explained the types of hair, namely-dry, oily, normal and composite and gave invaluable tips in how to take care of it. While giving haircuts to excited participants he also explained how the Goan climate affects hair and how excessive use of oil clogs the pores which in turn gives rise to dandruff and other hair issues.

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In a candid chat the hair expert talks to us about hair and about taking care of it Tell us why you chose this name For me yog is relaxation, and when you are relaxed your hair also stays healthy because of a relaxed system. So I chose this name for a very simple reason that hair is also about a good and relaxed state of mind and body. Everyone has different hair and needs different hair care routine which is important to understand, this is what is explained in hair yoga.

What are worst hair care mistakes one must stay away from? Doing things blindly in the form of hair care are dangerous.

Never use hair care products or go for treatments just because others are doing. Just with proper care one cannot change the texture of the hair, but surely can maintain it well.

Tell us about oiling hair. Oiling is good for relaxation and if done in a certain way helps in dryness also. Is it necessary to shampoo everyday? Shampoo everyday is the best thing for any type of hair. If the hair and scalp is clean it will stay healthy. Give us some quick tips of hair yoga Wash hair everyday with the right shampoo, use conditioner after shampoo, cut hair regularly and above all stay happy.

If one follows these things, the hair will always stay healthy. End of the article.


Jawed Habib’s hair yoga for perfect tresses (Exclusive interview)

At the advice of his father, he later attended the Morris School of Hair Design. Wanting international exposure and education, he went to London,UK to study advanced techniques in Morris School of Hairdressing. He has been the brand ambassador for Sunsilk, a Unilever owned hair care brand from to and later went on to promote Panasonic styling products. He has been the official styling partner for Miss India and holds the Limca Record for nonstop haircuts in 24 hours. He is also the only hairstylist to be featured in Times and Forbes magazine. A teacher by passion, Habib has conducted over hair seminars and work shops over the last two decades, educating more than , students. He has also authored three technical books to spread his teachings and has 65 academies, training more than students every year.


Jawed Habib

Responsive WordPress Carousel Slider Why People Love us I had gotten my hair colored by professionals several times earlier, but never was I completely satisfied — either the texture of my hair went for a toss or the color would fade out soon. One fine day, I decided to give The Jawed Habib a try. Not only did the experts there lend a patient ear to what I was expecting, but they also offered a lot of suggestions to complement my expectations. Finally, the color that they got on my hair was more beautiful than I ever imagined it could be. My hair, in fact, started looking thicker because of the contouring they did on me. With the post hair color tips they shared with me, it was easier for me to keep my hair shiny and healthy for longer. Ever since, The Jawed Habib has been my go-to place for all my hair and beauty concerns.


Hair Yoga with Jawed Habib


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