Maulkree Learn More — opens in a new window or tab. If you are in a hurry please check my other shipping metod or do not buy this item. Besides serving as a GPS tracker, the device can also work as a mobile phone to make phone calls! The yps comes with windows software, that is somewhat integrated to Google map services. Please check the images to see what you will get.

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The looks bit like water-resistance it is not at all that is very clear if one studies it little closer. The full specifications can be found from the pdf document attached to this page. The watch comes with windows software, that is somewhat integrated to Google map services.

The basic functionality to download data points works ok with wine The downloaded points are then stored in GPX file format, that one can feed for example Google earth. You can find source code here or on the file links below. The program uses no external libraries so one should not need to install big bunch of packages.

It also seems that the original windows software does not produce proper GPX files. Image 2: Example image with route loaded in Google Earth. Here is example image from google earth and my route. The generated gpx file is also attached to this page. Note that the data points actually have height of 65k, that is not bug -- their own windows program produces same heights.

PL Serial Port And dmesg shows: [ The com port settings i was able to figure out using wine with strace attached to a the running. The communication is based on mainly 7 bytes messages and responses and most of them was easy to figure out. Most problematic was the datapoints downloading. The messages have checksums and the clock refuses to communicate if the checksum of request is wrong. After solving this with pen and paper and suitable number of datapoints i was able to download all datapoints.

But the interpretation was bit harder: one item consists of 20 bytes of which some changes and some not. By leaving the clock on my balcony for a while it sampled same coordinates several times. Then it was matter of use the windows software to get datapoints transferred to GPS coordinates which some were same and then look at the raw data which parts of that was the same. So i was able to figure out what parts were longitude and what latitude but rest of the bytes were more or less unknown.

To find out full coding scheme i used the.


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Geotech GPSTracker; Kuinka saan reitin koneelle?


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