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You responded eagerly, and within a day and a half got answers to more than 50 questions. Maybe part of the self-defeat starts in not managing that element well, and so part of the antidote is giving yourself positive experiences of that element.

For me, being a 12th house water sign, nothing settles me out like a good, long swim. Staring at the ocean and listening to its roar for hours is another solace. For example, does Cancer on the 12th mean the same as having the Moon in the 12th? A: When a person has a planet or several in the 12th, those planetary energies are actively working with 12th house issues—whether on a self-destructive or a spiritual level or both.

Q: Terri asks why, since her 12th house is empty natally, the recent transit of Saturn through that house was so devastating. How much and what type of whallop would depend on what natal planets the transiting planet was setting off. As you have no 12th house planets, I can only imagine that it was touching natal planets in other ouchie houses of your chart.

What are some other ways Venus in the 12th could play out? Venus in the 12th could have a variety of positive expressions: Unconditional love expressed toward troubled and unfortunate people for instance, in volunteer work, Big Sisters, etc. Uplifting art with a spiritual theme Doing makeovers and collecting clothing for women who are trying to get back into the workplace Befriending lonely, downtrodden people Giving anonymous love offerings and playing secret Santa all year long No doubt there are more, but you get the gist.

Q: Could you comment on the South Node in the 12th? As well as other nodal placements in the 12th and on planets that square them?

Alas, the 12th is a house where the easy way out is seldom a successful strategy. It can be like a dinosaur effect, and given the challenges we all face in a critical era like ours, we need to be open to handling the crisis in new ways. The opposite placement, North Node in the 12th, would mean that the positive uses of the 12th—like service and spiritual studies—are part of your curriculum for this lifetime. Finding a balance between the North Node in the 12th and South Node in the 6th would be to avoid being too much of a workaholic and to nourish the soul by times of quiet introspection and spiritual practice.

Any planet squaring the North and South Node complicates matters by creating a conflict of interest. I have Uranus square the Nodes, with North Node in the 2nd, and making a living as an astrologer has been no small challenge. Q: What about planets that are in the 12th but conjunct the Ascendant?

Since Neptune has a natural connection with the 12th, does Neptune on the Ascendant function pretty much the same regardless of which side of the Ascendant it falls on?

It would be hard to quantify which was haziest! How would you sort it out? They typically brood on what has been done to them until it pollutes their bodies and their lives and by extension, the lives of people closest to them. Part 3: Healing 12th House Difficulties Q: Lostshoe asks how to bring the unconscious content of the 12th to surface. A: other than talking and contemplating, another tool that helps bring the 12th house contents to our attention is dreamwork—writing down your dreams and thinking about their symbolism.

Part of the work is telling your less conscious self before you go to bed that you want insights and healing tools to be shown in your dreams, then writing them down in the morning just after waking in a disciplined manner. Perhaps a Tarot spread would be similarly revealing. Art therapy, where you draw your emotions, would help too—even if you just got a sketch pad and did it on your own.

So might journaling or writing poetry—anything where the unconscious easily flows to the surface without our internal censorship. I think what helps each person get in touch with their 12th is different, depending on the planets and signs in that house and especially on aspects they form to planets in more conscious or public parts of the chart.

For one person, a Mercury square to a 12th house Moon would do it, but for someone else, maybe Jupiter trining a 12th house planet.

A: Rest assured that in the long, long history of astrology, there are valid reasons why the old astrologers assigned such seemingly random and unrelated meanings to a particular house. Usually, if you look deeper, there is—or originally was—a connection between them.

How the 12th relates to both secret enemies and self-undoing is this: The secret is that you probably privately decided that So and So was trying to undermine something you wanted for yourself, and so YOU named them your enemy and started treating them as such, covertly, and maybe even without conscious awareness.

Or it could even be that you both were sensing a past life connection that carried over a residue of bad feelings into this life. Q: What healing tools would you suggest for someone with 12th-house related problems? You never get to the end of it, because healing therapies continue to be discovered and to evolve all the time, to suit the needs of the time that would reflect shifts in the signs of the outer planets. Just try out the ones that appeal to you, and it might be that the ones that work to heal your own wounding will also become something you can pass along to others with similar wounding.

Readers, this is just a sampler of the questions—there are lots more jewels hidden in the comment sections of the 3 articles about the 12th house in this miniseries. See the first 3 links in the list below.



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