Even his bizarr suggestions were love based. Preview this item Preview this item. Susan E All of us around the world, who had the pleasure of knowing Frank in our own ways,for however long that was for, and for some it was decades, whilst for myself it was only a relatively few years ,wont be able to meet together in person to say goodbye to Frank,so to have the opportunity to meet and talk here is so lovely. Fagrelly bear which we drank together at night after workshop. One day, when we were chatting, Nick starts talking about Provocative Therapy. With unforgettable jokes, songs and laughter surrounding him like a happy mist.

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When Frank passed away , he entrusted me with his archive of Provocative Therapy material, dating back to the s. This archive consists of literally hundreds of audio recordings, unpublished articles, radio interviews and other material. All the material on this site is copyrighted to this site and should not be reproduced without express permission to ensure that this remains the central resource for Provocative Therapy taught in the spirit that Frank intended.

Over a number of years we also talked 1 — 1 and these sessions proved invaluable in gaining unique insights into his work. This platform has been running for a number of years and we now have students from literally all over the globe taking advantage of this unique opportunity which also allows individuals to access some of the Frank Farrelly archive that is being made available in digital format for the first time.

Frank was against any form of certifications in his classic Provocative Therapy, but there are certifications in my Provocative Change Works approach for students who want to develop skills at a deeper level. Here are some of the many videos we shot talking about his work About Frank Farrelly Frank Farrelly gained international recognition as a profoundly gifted therapist.

He was the author of several publications including Provocative Therapy with Jeff Brandsma. He presented numerous workshops, seminars, and demonstrations of his work for professional audiences throughout the United States, Europe and Australasia.

His expertise in working with severely disturbed clients made him an especially interesting and important teacher. Provocative Therapy was developed in an inpatient ward as Farrelly, dissatisfied with his effectiveness as a therapist, began to explore new procedures for promoting significant, resilient change in chronic and recalcitrant patients. He worked in this institutional setting for 17 years, continuing to develop and refine his techniques.

For many years he was a clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Social Work and an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin Medical School.

As Frank passed away on Feb 10th in the early hours, that twinkle which had helped so many, departed from this world.

He will be missed by dear friends, professional colleagues and clients alike. Below are numerous testimonials and good wishes from those who knew him over the decades.

These have now been incorporated into this central site and are detailed below starting with my own thoughts. Testimonials and well wishes from colleagues Nick Kemp Frank was a brilliant therapist light years ahead of his time. We spent many hours together in person and by phone. He had a great love of people and had an innate curiosity into many areas of life including new technology, politics, movies, music, spirituality, great cuisine as well as many other subjects. Frank was a walking, talking totally congruent example of his Provocative Therapy approach which he created in the s.

I was lucky enough to spend considerable time with him since both in workshops as well as when he stayed at our house in the UK. We would hang out watching movies and talk about client behaviours as well as the world at large. Frank was exactly the same whether presenting a workshop or having a one to one discussion. Both Sue and I will miss him dearly. As far as I am concerned, he was without doubt the smartest and kindest guy I have ever had the privilege to meet.

Sue Knight I first met Frank 20 years ago! So I went and I even had a one on one with him which stays in my memory to this day and in my life! And so my journey of study with him started. Frank was a flirt of the highest order, that twinkle in his eye, that flattery.. I saw him in hotels and restaurants have all the women and the men running around after him like headless chickens..

The last time I had a one on one with him.. I prepared for it having modelled him for years, I anticipated what he would do if I brought issue no 1 and then I anticipated what he would do if I brought issue no 2 so I was ready or so I thought! I sat in the chair with him. I told him about the 2 issues. That is the genius of Frank Farrelly. I worked, played and loved him for 20 years. I guess he is having one hell of a party now. I was first infected way back in when I attended my very first workshop with Frank.

I was intrigued by the way I saw him working with clients. Then when I volunteered to go on stage I was astounded by how completely he understood me, in seconds, not minutes. And I was enveloped in the healing warmth, acceptance, and love which radiated out from him. It felt like coming home. Like I WAS home.

And I had a front row seat at my own personal comedy show where I was the central character! It was deeply personal, profoundly moving, and incredibly healing. I knew I needed more of what Frank had to offer, so I jumped at the chance to work with him every chance I got, became coordinator of his Australian workshops, travelled to Madison regularly to study with him, and attended his international workshops and gatherings.

Through Frank I soon met others with the same twisted sense of humour and became members of a worldwide Provocative Family with Frank as our great patriarch. Some years back we decided to form an international society for Provocative Therapy.

He could never allow us to create a group without poking fun at it, to protect us from becoming too serious.

Too entrenched. Too mainstream. Too establishment. Like all families, we have our dysfunctions. I experienced him as both. Which means we had a real relationship. Life is messy. He built his reputation on being able to work with the messiest, most difficult stuff of all with all kinds of people. David Lake How often do you get the chance to be with and work with a creative genius with unique skills?

Someone who will open his heart to you at the same time and keep doing that as you meet him again? A man who sees clearly and has a hot line to reality and the world as it is. With unforgettable jokes, songs and laughter surrounding him like a happy mist. A complex, flawed man who was the most powerful healer and unforgettable presence I have ever met and I have met quite a few.

People talk about force but Frank lived in it. Breathed it. Used it for the good of others. Me for one. And for many years. I always found I understood Frank in a way I still cannot explain rationally. I was seduced at once in and never recovered. Frank is sitting in my inner world right next to my parents and mentors. But he has his own special place because he overlaps everybody in a strange way. I know he is in a good place now because he showed me that place himself.

My life is full for having known him. I wonder what it would have been like without his influence? I might have never met my partner in Provocative crime, Steve Wells. I credit Frank entirely with teaching me directly about how to be a good husband. My wife did the other part indirectly through her unique love and affection. I can bring up so many happy memories of drinking and eating and laughing in every kind of restaurant and bar with Frank and company. And perceiving his love and affection even when things were dark for him, or when you failed to follow Rule of the Farrelly cleaning routine.

I remember washing up with Frank in a kitchen in Aachen as a favour to our hostess. He joined me very reluctantly. Only after we had finished the whole big job did we find out that the sink drained out onto the floor under the cupboard. This website might be a good place to post some of the more bizarre events that I have witnessed in the spreading of Provocative Therapy since knowing Frank. I am utterly grateful to the man for all he has done for me, and so that I can now do the same for others.

I took him for granted like the sun, until Steve and I visited him in Madison last year during his illness. Then I knew I was wrong. Now it has come to pass.

He often impressed me as deeply thoughtful about spiritual devotion and his New Testament but often poked fun at others spouting religious words.

Truly wondrous He was hilarious,warm,loving,kind,and acutely astute, noticing and really paying attention to those around him,wether that be in or out of a therapy session. I learnt so much from him which I will always treasure. I am very pleased this site exists to share our thoughts and thank you to all of you who have posted and are yet to post,your tributes are lovely,thank you.

I look forward to continuing to study archive material of Frank at work. He has given the world a treasury of insight and tools to use. He is deeply missed. He always said that being needed and useful is good for people-he was completely congruent with that, delighting in all of our successes and acheivments.

Thank you to Kim who made it possible for us to continue to enjoy him for so many years. For me you are always in my heart. You are wonderful.



I was fascinated, shocked, enthousiastic and immediately on the hook. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. I worked, played and loved him for 20 years. I took him for granted like the sun, until Steve and Fafrelly visited him in Madison last year during his illness. For me you are always in my heart. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. These have now been incorporated into this central site and are detailed below starting with my own thoughts.


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