Nutritional deficiency[ edit ] Malnutrition improper dietary intake or malabsorption poor absorption of nutrients into the body can lead to nutritional deficiency states , several of which can lead to stomatitis. For example, deficiencies of iron , vitamin B2 riboflavin , [3] vitamin B3 niacin , vitamin B6 pyridoxine , vitamin B9 folic acid or vitamin B12 cobalamine may all manifest as stomatitis. Iron is necessary for the upregulation of transcriptional elements for cell replication and repair. Lack of iron can cause genetic downregulation of these elements, leading to ineffective repair and regeneration of epithelial cells, especially in the mouth and lips. Many disorders which cause malabsorption can cause deficiencies, which in turn causes stomatitis. Examples include tropical sprue.

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Angular Stomatitis also known as Angular Cheilitis or Cheilosis is a type of inflammatory lesion that appears at the joint of the lips i. Small ulcers and formation of crusts may also be accompanied. Causes Although the main reason behind the onset of this disease has not yet been confirmed, doctors and scientists claim to have established four most possible reasons: Saliva build-up with the possible involvement of yeast may cause lesion of lip joints.

Nutritional deficiency specifically deficiency of Vitamin B2, i. Riboflavin may lead to Cheilosis. Cheilosis may occur in a patient as a part of the symptoms of some other major disease such as Plummer-Vision Syndrome. People staying in a cold environment generally fall prey to this disease. People often acquire it during the winter season. Along with the above mentioned possible causes, few more conditions such as opening and closing of mouth in an irregular or unnatural fashion, a possible reaction to some type of medication, over-nutrition, and a habit of lot of people to keep their lips wet by licking already diseased lips in cold weather are also considered.

Please Note: Many doctors do not believe that Angular Stomatitis is a result of any kind of Vitamin, nutritional, or any such deficiency, but build-up of saliva with possible involvement of yeast. Symptoms Onset and spread of the disease is clearly visible as it appears on the joints of lips, and there is no internal growth of infection.

Inflammation of the lesion occurs. In some severe cases, the cuts go deep into the skin and cause bleeding. Crusts are formed on the infected area of lips. Irritation of lips is experienced. Difficulty occurs in opening mouth wide. Treatment Treatment includes application of ointment, use of medications, and also use of homemade remedies.

The course of treatment is decided based on the condition of the patient, and the extent at which the disease has spread. In some cases, this disease is also accompanied by fungal infection caused by the candida infected saliva, if a patient is already suffering from Candidiasis , which also has to be taken care of, and the antifungal ointments and medicines are used for the same.

As it may also occur in a patient as a symptom of some other disease, it also becomes highly important to look out for such possible diseases and decide the course of medication accordingly. Disclaimer: This HealthHearty article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice. Like it? Share it!


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