Yozshunos Consent may be withdrawn at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of consent prior to its withdrawal. Standard Portal ServicesEPDifferent applications or iViews which want to store application-specific data for the same principal object might cause inconsistencies by overwriting or deleting the data written by another application or iView. Ash and Brock then start arguing over who would be the best Trainer for Donphan, only for Misty to cut in and tell them that Donphan is walking away. UserInfoComponent Add a sharing reference to the usermanagement service to the component-config section sqp the portalapp.

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While the voucher came with an expiration date, with the help from SAP Education I was able to extend its validity to That was way beyond what I have imagined, so here is again a thank you to SAP Education in being gracious regarding the expiration date. Having a valid voucher is one part when taking an exam, the other part is being prepared to pass the exam. How did I pass? There are two possible levels available by SAP Education for an exam: associate and professional. Associate means that you have a fundamental understanding of the SAP solution : know the basics, the definitions and how to use the software as SAP wants you to.

Short: SAP does not expect you to write a working portal application in the exam. Training material After reading the topics covered by the exam it was clear that some things I never or rarely had done before: like writing a portal service or accessing WDJ context via generic context API instead of using typed access.

Hands on experience does not mean that you necessarily know everything. While I believe that SAP Help is more than enough to learn the definitions, the content is not really meant for self-learning. The official PDFs come with a clear table of content, lessons and useful tips when explaining a section.

Learn Yes, learn. Learn, learn, learn and learn. Then repeat. Learning is the only way to pass the exam. Again: learn, learn, and learn. Maybe it is not so easy.

You have two options: learn to pass the exam or learn and create a library of examples and personal notes that will really help you later when coding applications? It depends on you if you want to study the material to pass or study to actually learn how to code applications for SAP Portal.

The first case means that you go through the learning material and remember the definitions and usage patterns. The latter case means that you apply it to actual code and go through all the examples provided by SAP.

I chose the latter option of course. The difference is that I gained a repository of a dozen and more SAP Portal applications, including notes and can run and test them on my personal portal installation. My personal tip to anyone that wants to screen a SAP certified developer: check if they have a repository of code examples. Learn more Best way to learn is trying it out.

I developed over the years several portal applications, but portal services or going into the details of portal application personalization? Knowing the basics and casual SAP Help consultation for solving daily problems does not mean that you know everything about writing a service interface, lifecycle, properties, etc. Even when you have developed in all of these technologies, changes are good that some time passed when you last used one.

Prepare Prepare for the topics covered in the exam. When you work with 7. The problem here is that SAP Education does not offer an exam for 7. Looking back, maybe only two or three questions were outdated. Take your time If you use the PDFs, be prepared to go through more than pages.

At least. Ok, some are TOC, empty pages, indices, but still, more than pages are waiting for you. Especially when you do the learning beside your job.

Real learning takes time. I did a fast run through of the content to get a quick overview and then took a deep dive on each topic that took between 1 to 2 weeks. As I have a job that can consume quite some time, I did not learn constantly. Sometimes there was a gap of several weeks also explaining what took me so long to use the voucher. Take the test The test is 80 questions and SAP gives you minutes.

Questions are multiple choice and I did not have to code. Topics covered match exactly what SAP Education publishes at their site. No surprises. I did not have one question that made me flip a coin. A little bit more than 2 minutes per questions may sound like a short time, but it took me around an hour to complete the whole test, and that includes the introduction to the software as well as answering the questions and going through them again.

Pass and wait to receive the certificate Pass the exam, wait for SAP to send you the certificate by mail, take it gently out of the envelope and put it into a fancy frame. Hang it on the wall with the support of a nail or put it in your cubicle. Now what? SAP is not offering a certification for Portal 7. Does a SAP Portal certification make sense?

While to focus is on Java, a small section should also cover Web Dynpro ABAP development and how to customize standard portal applications like masthead or the logon screen.

As I do not really like WDJ I also had motivational problems when it came to learn about controllers, hooks, etc.


Passing SAP certification C_EP120_701



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SAP C_EP120_701 Prüfungsfragen : SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.01


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