Although the two carburetor models are similar in some respects, they have key differences that affect overall performance. Edelbrock is an automotive-parts company. The company has its automative-branch headquarters located in Torrance, California. For instance, Edelbrock designed the model carburetors to achieve moderate to high street performance, giving the carburetor towing capabilities. On the other hand, in order to give the carburetor greater fuel economy capabilities, Edelbrock had to design this carburetor to have reduced street performance potential than the The primary metering rod measures 0.

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Known for its simplicity, durability and performance, the Edelbrock requires no electronic equipment and no understanding of vacuum lines. In other words, adjusting an Edelbrock carburetor requires no prior knowledge of carburetors. Step 1 Fire the engine and give it time to warm to idle temperature. Locate the choke -- found on the top of the carburetor -- and make certain it is open entirely. It must be opened completely for you to set the mixture screws.

Step 2 Adjust the air screw found between the two mixture screws to an idle speed of between revolutions per minute and , depending on your engine, with the flat-head screwdriver. Clockwise turns increase rpm, while counterclockwise turns reduce the speed. Step 3 Seat the flat-head screwdriver in the right mixture screw. Turn the mixture screw clockwise while counting each complete turn until the mixture screw butts up against the body of the carburetor.

Write down the number of complete turns. Re-adjust the air screw until the idle of the engine once again falls between and rpm.

Step 4 Seat the flat-head screwdriver in the left mixture screw. Re-adjust the air screw until the idle once of the engine again falls between and rpm. Step 5 Take the average between the complete turns of the two mixture screws. Back both mixture screws off the body of the carburetor -- turning them counterclockwise with the flat-head -- the average of their original two settings. Re-adjust the air screw so the idle once again falls between and rpm. Items you will need.


Edelbrock Performer 1407 Manuals



How to Adjust an Edelbrock 1406 Carb


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