Samukora It has three terminal, but only two leads are generally used emitter and collector. The circuit behaves as pure resistive circuit at the resonant frequency with unit power factor. Suresh kumar and A. There is no light falls on the sensor the resistance is very high and the current is low. Response time of LED is very fast in the order of 10 9 seconds.

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Voodoolar These coefficients fall on a diagonal. Which of the following figures represents the electric field profile near the pn junction? A lens focuses the energy on the base-collector junction.

Double tuned circuit In double tuned circuits, a variable capacitor is used at input as well as output side. How to study this subject The optical feedback and the confinement of photon in an optical resonator are the second basic requirement of lasing.

It is relatively immune to radiation. These are called photovoltaic devices. Classification of Energy Band 1. The total power dissipated in the circuit is watts when the applied voltage is V. Therefore, they are used with a.

However, it has ability to control large ac power with a small signal. It is less noisy than a tube of a Bipolar Transistor. Before applying to control circuit the current should be amplified. Wc a result the energy level in the n-side decreases when compared to the unbiased state.

Steps to follow for the. What is the resistance of an electric iron connected to the same source that takes as much current as a 1 Answer. When reverse voltage increased at once electric field the electrons which are present in the covalent bond are brought due to strong force of attraction.

This diode has negative resistance region. Those terminals are source, gate and drain. Collector current IC flows in output circuit. This process is called diffusion. It exhibits a high input resistance, typically many mega ohms. EC Electric Circuits and Electron Devices ECED Notes These excess minority carriers diffuse through the junction and recombines with the majority carriers in n and p region respectively to produce light. Series Resistance Two elements are in series if the current that flows through one must also flow through the other.

Hence, the voltage drop across R is high. Maximum Power transfer Theorem: Explain the breakdown in transistor. To supply majority charge carriers. Now, there will be some empty state in valence band of p-side quite opposite to the empty conduction band. Used for applying input power to lasers.

The light thus produced is emitted from the p-n junction of the diode. Increase the applied voltage across the SCR in small suitable steps at each step. The sharp increase in current under breakdown condition is due to the following two mechanisms. At resonance ec reactance is equal to the capacitive reactance. Operation When a tunnel diode is under unbiased condition then there will not transfer of electrons from n-side to p-side hence the net current will be zero.

It consists of a piece of semiconductor material silicon or germanium. It combines a photodiode and phototransistor. Breakdown voltage depends upon the amount of doping. Related Posts


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