Mohnish explains in the introduction — Dhandho pronounced dhun-doe is a Gujarati word. Dhan comes from the Sanskrit root word Dhana meaning wealth. I would recommend you read this book in its entirety, and especially this chapter for it explains one of the most critical aspects of the investment process i. The definition is painfully simple.

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Dhandho Partners is a private investment firm that offers turnkey succession planning to a single business. We bring operational capability, growth capital and leadership that enables an owner to sell and exit the business knowing the company is in good hands A Better Way Forward for Your Business Succession planning is a big undertaking and not one to be considered lightly.

Owners should to get to know the team that will be stewarding their business going forward. Dhandho is open and transparent during the process. We invite you to connect with us and learn our story. We are looking for a business that is profitable beyond the "start-up" phase, is growing and boasts a differentiated value proposition.

Our ideal situation is an owner who is looking to step back from operations while also crystallizing gains and value in the business. Uniquely, Dhandho is not a passive investor.

At the time, Shrikesh was a Ph. He earned his CPA designation in while at the firm. He also earned an MBA in His favorites include T. Lawrence, Walter Isaacson and Kazuo Ishiguro. An avid sports fan, Shrikesh also idolizes John Wooden, Gregg Popovich, Bill Belichick, and Jerry Sloan - strategists who built dynamic-yet-simple systems using quality personnel, attention to detail, and a relentless focus on execution. It is these tenets that Shrikesh brings to the table when working closely with companies and their management teams.

To that end, we have certain situations and business characteristics we prefer, as well as select minimum criteria.


The Dhandho Investor Pdf Download

No Comments The smooth flow of finances makes for an indispensable part of running a business. It ensures that your business activities run in accordance to the plan while also providing capital for business expansion. There are several ways such as crowdfunding, angel investors and personal savings that can be used to generate funds for business. However, a business loan is a common way of funding and can let you access a large sum of money. These type of loans are offered by leading financial institutions. Banks immensely review an application before approving a business loan.


The Dhandho Investor’s Guide to Calculating Intrinsic Value

Search for: About Us Hello, we are a husband wife duo who are the Founders and the Bloggers behind dhandhoinvestor. Blogging is going to become a way of expressing our views while we are on the path of living a Financially Independent life. Do you also want to be financially independent? Do you also want to invest your money? Do you also want to create business assets that are in turn making money for you?

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