Com abril annimo dijo. Comprar fundamentos manufactura moderna mikell groover editado por mcgrawhill interamericana espaa s. Uno los mejores libros que ledo acerca del proceso vaciado y. Comentarios sobre introduccion los procesos manufactura opinin los lectores.

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In fusion welding, melting occurs at the faying surfaces; in solid state welding, no melting occurs, Define what an electrical arc is.

An electrical arc is a discharge actoss a gap in a circuit. In are welding, the are is sustained by a thermally ionized column of gas through which the current can flow. What do the terms are-on time, arc time, and operating factor have in common? Provide a definition of these terms, Answer. The three terms mean the same thing: the proportion of the total time in a shift that the are is actually on. Electrodes in are welding are divided into two categories.

Name and define the two types. Consumable and nonconsumable. The consumable type, in addition to being the electrode for the process, also provide filler metal for the welding joint.

The nonconsumable type are made of materials that resist melting, such as tungsten and carbon. What are the two basic methods of are shielding? Because molten metal from the electrode is transferred across the are and contributes to the heating of the molten weld pool. Describe the shielded metal are welding SMAW process. Because the stick electrodes must be changed frequently, which would be difficult to do automatically.

Describe submerged are welding SAW. SAW is an are welding process that uses a continuous, consumable bare wire electrode, and ate shielding is provided by a cover of granular flux. EGW is an are welding process that uses a continuous consumable electrode, either flux-cored wire or bare wire with extemally supplied shielding gas, and molding shoes to contain the molten pool Why are the temperatures much higher in plasma are welding than in other AW processes? Because the arc is restricted in diameter, thus concentrating the energy into a smaller area, resulting in much higher power densities, Define resistance welding.

RW consists of a group of fusion welding processes that utilize a combination of heat and pressure to accomplish coalescence of the two faying surfaces. Most prominent in the group is resistance spot welding. High resistivity, low electrical and thermal conductivity, and low melting point. Describe the sequence of steps in the cycle of a resistance spot welding operation. The steps are: 1 the parts are inserted between electrodes, 2 squeeze the parts, between the electrodes, 3 weld, in which the current is switched on for a brief duration 0.

RPW is a resistance welding process in which coalescence occurs at one or more relatively small points on the parts; the contact points are designed into the geometry of the parts as embossments or projections. Describe crass-wire welding. Cross-wire welding is a form of resistance projection welding used to fabricate welded wire products such as shopping carts and stove grills.

Why is the oxyacetylene welding process favored over the other oxyfuel welding processes? Because acetylene and oxygen bum hotter than other oxyfuels. Define pressure gas welding. PGW is a fusion welding process in which coalescence is obtained over the entire contact surfaces of the two parts by heating them with an appropriate fuel mixture and then applying pressure to bond the surfaces.

Electron beam welding has a significant disadvantage in high-production applications. What is that disadvantage? EBW is usually carried out in a vacuum for a high quality weld. The time to draw the vacuum adds significantly to the production eycle time.

Laser beam welding and electron beam welding are often compared because they both produce very high power densities. There are several modern-day variations of forge welding, the original welding process, Name the variations. Describe and distinguish the two types.


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