At a Glance Full HD x resolution — Enjoy the latest movies and blockbusters in their highest resolution available. HDMI — Rapid transfer of high quality video and audio in a pure uncompressed digital state for plug and play simplicity. Sleek new design - The glossy black bezel complements most environments and most Dell systems. Full HD Technology The high definition SW monitor delivers higher quality images than standard resolution monitors. A x resolution injects a heavy dose of reality in your multi-media experience. The HDMI connector interface allows simple transmission of uncompromised digital streams.

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Tax If there were a prize for the most boring screen technology, the 1, x 1,, traditional dull TN panel would win hands down.

And it would turn up to the awards ceremony in sensible shoes and a cardigan, with a prepared page speech and a Thermos of tea. In contrast, this Dell screen would be at the back of the room getting hammered on tequila, surrounded by glamorous ladies. The SPW measures 23 inches on the diagonal, has brilliant colours, sleek looks and a beyond-HD resolution of 2, x 1, A hole in the stalk of the stand tidies all these cables effectively.

Click to enlarge The double-hinged stand also allows for a fair degree of movement for the screen. Sitting the Dell on our desk was a bit of a shock at first, though.

Keen to see if we could tweak things a little, we delved into the OSD. However, our sister publications with which we share offices were glowering at us as we frantically tried to turn off the annoying — and surprisingly loud — beep that the screen makes every time you press one of the touch-sensitive menu navigation buttons on the lower right-hand side.

We found the option reasonably quickly seriously, what was all the fuss about? Click to enlarge It turned out that Dell had configured the screen pretty well in the factory — the default settings give you more or less the best picture possible - although we did make a few tweaks. We turned off the dynamic contrast which leads to the frankly silly 80, quoted contrast ratio , switched the colour temperature to RGB and upped the brightness from 75 to


Dell SP2309W Setup Manual

Replied on February 27, Hi, Thanks for posting your query to Microsoft forum. I will certainly help you with this. I would like to know; Is your computer not rebooting? What is the exact issue you are facing with Windows 10?


Dell SP2309WFP User Manual



Windows 10 doesn't recognize Dell Webcam


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