Beauty in technology lies in a fusion of simplicity and power. As Gelernter points out, most top rank mathematicians, scientists and engineers emphasise the importance of beauty as a guiding principle for their subject. Real computers are built by men, for men. He explores this theme in a series of interesting case studies, including Turing machines, Algol, Unix, Xerox PARC, and Java, and some chokingly funny acerbic little examples.

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Stony Brook in He recovered from his injuries, but his right hand and eye were permanently damaged. He helped found the company Mirror Worlds Technologies , which in released Scopeware software using ideas from his book Mirror Worlds. Gelernter believed that computers can free users from being filing clerks by organizing their data. The company announced it would "cease operations effective May 15, ". In , he commented, "They [students] know nothing about art. They know nothing about history.

They know nothing about philosophy. It has never occurred to them. They know nothing about the Bible. A conservative among mostly liberal Ivy League professors, a religious believer among the often disbelieving ranks of computer scientists.

For seven months, he contributed a weekly op-ed column to the LA Times. As a solution, Gelernter proposes moving all of human knowledge to online servers so that the in-person college experience can be replaced by user-driven self-education.

Daisley wrote, "America-Lite is lean, incisive convincing, delightfully indelicate, and, in a break from the conventions of the literature on education, honest. It is a fine dissection—de-construction, if you must—of the corruption of higher education and the resulting debasement of political culture. If it makes its way on to a single college reading list, Hell will have frozen over.

Jacoby claimed that Gelernter blamed Jews for causing the breakdown of patriotism and the traditional family, writing "Gelernter is Jewish, and it is not likely that a non-Jew would airily argue that obnoxious leftist Jews have taken over elite higher education.

Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing. Hardcover ed. With Suresh Jagannathan. Programming Linguistics. With Nicholas Carriero. How to Write Parallel Programs: A first course. Oxford Univ. MacMillan, Inc. Paperback ed. HarperCollins Pub. Drawing Life: Surviving the Unabomber. Group, The Aesthetics of Computing. Machine Beauty: Elegance and the Heart of Technology.

Perseus Pub. Judaism: A Way of Being. Yale University Press,


David Gelernter



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