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Description Questions? Regards Bob Wardell. A: Please call support on and they will talk you through it. Q: My existing room thermostat is mains-powered. Live, neutral and earth connections with only one other wire.

Will the battery-powered model work and what is the connection. A: Yes, you will need to connect live in and live out to the TPSi. Neutral and earth should be isolated.

A: Contact support on They will check the settings with you. Q: what does the house with a thermometer symbol showing on the screen mean please? A: It means the programmed temperature has been over-ridden.

Q: Will this replace my original thermostat which come as a set thermostat and receiver and will it connect without any issues? A: This is wired, not wireless.

Q: I have a standard dial thermostat will this fit on the same junction box A: If your existing thermostat is fitted over a single gang recessed metal box, then it will fit over that. The TPSi will connect to the remaining two wires. Q: Can this be used without TPI energy saving function? Q: Is this programmable thermostat compatible with a heatmiser UH8 wiring centre to control under floor heating zones?

Q: I have a Vaillant vcw combi boiler with built in mechanical switching. The room temperature stat is a standard Honeywell hard wired to boiler. I wish to control with 2 different room temperatures throughout the day.

Ie warmer in the morning and evening and less so throughout the day. Would this item be suitable? Thank you A: Yes, it would be ideal. Q: will this replace standard room thermostat 2 wire connected to Ariston Micro genus combi boiler with standard mechanical timer fitted. A: Yes it would. It would be much easier to just set the mechanical timer to constant than remove it.

Q: Will this work if I have a conventional hot water tank worcester bosch greenstar. I was thinking of keeping the existing potterton ep2 programmer by the boiler just for selecting hot water times. A: Yes, as long as you have at least one motorised valve. Q: I need to replace a danfoss tp5. Is this the correct replacement or would I need the mains model. The current one has two batteries and looks similar to the tp Si A: This is the correct one.

Q: Hi. Would this be ok to use. Thankyou A: Yes it is. Q: Will this replace Danfoss TP75? A: Yes it will. Q: Will the be a direct replacement for a Danfoss TP5, same 2 wire installation? If it is, will it do as a replacement for my unreliable Horstman Centaurstat 7 A: Yes it is battery powered, hardwired. Not mains powered, hardwired. Yes it will connect to the same 2 wires as your Horstmann Centaurstat 7 Q: can I use this to run an electric radiant heating system?

I would like a thermostat in each room able to control the radiant heating for that room. Max load per room would be w with one room at w. Will these work? Thanks Steve9c67d2 A: These will only switch a maximum of w v. You will need to use a relay, or a thermostat with a higher rating. Q: hi my 84 year old neighbour has her heating set to come on morning and evening, but in the cold weather would like to sometimes switch on during the day can she do this without altering the original settings.

Q: How can l just turn central heating on and off when I need it and not have to set timer or adjust temp on it? A: If you press the up and down button together it will go into thermostat mode. You can then turn it up or down without the programming. It is still temperature controlled. Q: My TP5 has stopped working. Will this work as a replacement - I have a combi boiler A: Yes it will. It will connect to the same wires as a TP5.

Q: Is there anyway I can just set it to come on when temperature dips to 18 degrees instead of setting times for it to come on?? Thanx A: Yes, if you press the up and down buttons simultaneously it will go into thermostat mode and not follow the program. Is the temperature adjustment in 1degree or 0.

Will this substitute a Drayton Digistat 1 A: 1. It is in 0. Yes it will. It will connect to the same 2 wires. Q: Is there a back box for this to stand it off the wall slightly?

Q: Is this compatible with vokera compact 28 boiler A: Yes it is.


Danfoss TP5001-RF

Page 4: Installation Installation First, remove the wallplate from the back of the unit. From the top left hand corner of the wallplate, there must be clearances of at least mm to the right, 15mm to the left, 30mm above and mm below in order to mount the plug-in module. Page 5: Rx Receiver Wiring rf Models Only For a full explanation of all advanced features please visit our website www. Page 7: Your Programmable Room Thermostat User Instructions Your programmable room thermostat The TP allows you to programme up to 6 times and temperatures at which your heating will come on and go off each day. You can programme one set of times and temperatures for weekdays and another set for weekends. It features several user overrides including frost protection, thermostat mode and time or temperature display. Your unit is now in RUN mode.


Danfoss TP5001 Range Thermostat


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