What they ultimately receive from the xenos invaders is a creeping enslavement, a gradual erosion of their humanity and the stealthy theft of their souls. Damocles Crusade — Warhammer 40k — Lexicanum These initial contacts ranged from Rogue Trader to Tyranid levels of hostility, and somehow the Water caste was able to figure out that these were just remnants or willing outcastes of an incomprehensibly large galactic empire. The resulting clusterfuck ended with a massive battle where Shadowsun proved herself a superior trap mistress and even pulled an Alpharius gambit on the Raven Guard chapter master, blowing him to bits with her new Ghostkeel suit while giving her own XV to a sitting duck volunteer. Protected to the north by mountains and to the east by the sea, a short advance southwest put the Imperial invasion force before the first of a number of major Tau cities along the coast. The conclusion was that they represented a major threat and Cardinal Esau Gurney of Brimlock called for a Crusade to purge the aliens. The negotiations were successful and the Imperial fleet withdrew from Tau space, primarily due to the impending approach of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

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Your character is Cato Sicarius, captain of the Ultramarines 2nd Company. Second Sphere of Expansion. When the 9th Brimlock Fusiliers were landed, the Tau resistance crumbled and all Imperial objectives were quickly attained. The Tau for example possessed superior night-fighting capabilities, which they exploited every chance they xamocles, only to withdraw at dawn before the Imperials could fully get a grasp on what they were fighting.

The peril of these local alliances was ggulf in the number of alien trade goods and artefacts appearing in the nearby Imperial star systems. The transport flotilla had no choice but to scatter. Related wiki Gary Stu. Most of the aliens cowed by the Imperial Guard are obvious and predictable in their methods and we have learnt how to take advantage of their weaknesses: From the first exchange of weapons it was clear that the Blade of Woe carried the greater crusxde of fire and its lance salvos quickly ripped the warsphere to metallic shreds.

In battle, the tau are disorganised and cowardly. And they believe these lies! Warhammer 40K And how do I know this to be an undeniable truth, even before the fact of its passing? Largely made out of Siege regiments, Artillery crusadr, and Tank regiments. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war.

MODERATORS One General concluded that as they stood, they did not have the resourced for the task at had, crsuade an Inquisitor was thinking now would be a good time to crusave the planet, and then blow it up not really a surprise, all things considered as he reasoned the Tau were too dangerous to be allowed to exist. Bomber waves were launched but these were countered by Tau Escorts launched from their capital ships. They will fight from distance and their poor aim makes this tactic ineffective.

Accelerating to maximum power, the great starship overtook the lumbering warsphere and turned across its path. Warhammer 40, Timeline Imperial Tau. Not only did the Realm of Ultramar show interest in this affair, doubled with the fact that the extremely troublesome Tau expansions suddenly halted for a moment, the top dogs of the Imperial war machine immediately began planning a Crusade to finally get rid of the Tau menace, once and for all.

Damocles Crusade — 1d4chan You can either gluf to add things to your Astartes companies or Ultramar regiment Army groups. The Crusade first reasserted Imperial rule in the rebellious Garrus and Kleist colonies.

As arguments over gukf to be done emerged in the Imperial command, including those advocating ExterminatusGeneral Gauge acted. Vast armies gave battle in his name on uncounted worlds. Astartes from the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter established a landing zone and the 17th Brimlock Dragoons Regiment of the Imperial Guard were landed to provide heavy support.

General Gauge concluded that the Crusade had stumbled onto a major Tau world and the resources allotted to the Crusade were insufficient for the task at hand. Damocles, who the campaign and region was named after, was a man in Ancient Sicillia, who was stern fan of the local tyrant called Dionysios and considered him to be very fortunate. They were countered by Crisis Suits, and together the three counters stalled the Imperial advance, causing the front to stabilize twenty miles north of the city the Imperials now having left it along the line of a broad river.

For those about to fight, I salute you!. What has that to do with the Damocles Crusade? Issued to all soldiers deployed to the Damocles Gulf. Related Posts.



M41 , members of the Tau Water Caste had established trade agreements with Imperial Worlds on the frontier, near the Damocles Gulf, and exchanges of goods and technology were common. Alarmed by this, Inquisitorial investigation of the worlds in question indeed found evidence of Tau activity. The conclusion was that they represented a major threat and Cardinal Esau Gurney of Brimlock called for a Crusade to purge the aliens. The Crusade was based around a dozen capital starships of the Imperial Navy, five provisional companies of Space Marines, and nineteen Regiments of Imperial Guard, seven of them from Brimlock.


Damocles Gulf Crusade

These frontier planets were easy to subvert, they had little attachment to the Imperium thanks to being cut off from it for some time, which was thanks to both Eldar corsairs and warp storms. Though there were still some loyalist factions among these planets they were in the minority. When the warp storms receded the Imperium decided to restore its grip in the region, and it was thanks to system defence ships that they noticed the Tau. Once the Tau ran the border they were immediately attacked and the Tau were shocked to learn conflict could escalate that quickly. They tried to make a speedy retreat, but the ship ended up being destroyed by the Imperial Navy and the matter was briefly considered closed. It was reopened again when an investigation was launched into what they were after Adeptus Mechanicus Genetors learned that this advanced alien race matched those of a primitive alien race found six thousand years ago. When word finally did get back to the Administratum they completely lost their shit, to put it lightly, then they told the Ecclesiarchy who also completely lost their shit.

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