The theater where the film was being shown was attached to a local bar; the audience amounted to my wife, myself and three others. But since two of our fellow viewers escaped before I could accost them, I ended up talking only with one man who had driven to Cincinnati from Dayton, Ohio, to see the film, just as we had driven from Lexington. He was especially interested in it because he had a daughter who was studying theology and mathematics and a son studying computer science. We decided against the discussion group; nonetheless the teenage boy who was selling the tickets apparently realized, judging from his knowing smile, that the small audience that showed up represented more than a collection of bored weekenders motivated by no more than idle curiosity, but rather the parties to a shared secret.

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Introduction Among the many words, which have undergone a considerable shift in meaning over time is the word metaphysics.

First Principles First! These principles are permanent truths, statements about eternal realities. These principles even touch upon what is beyond Being. To use religious language, metaphysics has to do with the nature of God, and the relationship of God to the cosmos, and to humankind. Why Is Metaphysics Important? If we no longer believe in Absolute Truth, then everything becomes relative.

If everything becomes relative, then Truth is replaced by power; it is reduced to whatever this or that powerful individual or government or special interest has the power to say is true. And this is exactly how we look at questions of truth today: we believe that they are nothing but masks for questions of power.

A Confused State Of Mind A confused state of mind with many of our citicens as a result exploitation, divisions and fear of the other in our societies - such is the state of affairs. This is the ultimate result of the growth of the kind of society in which metaphysics has no place. Without a sense of absolute, objective Truth, everything becomes subjectivised, which is why psychology is now replacing both theology and philosophy.

But if there is no objective Reality which includes both of us because it is bigger than us, if we are nothing but separate and hermetically-sealed universes of experience, how can we relate to each other? SAC73 [Except for taking advantage of each other and finally destroying each other. But human kind does have an alternative. Truth And Postmodernism The truth of Postmodernism is not something much asked for these days.

If there is any truth in it, it is the realization of multiplicity and the infinite variety of manifestation. However, this fact will be taken as an excuse by those in power, to change facts and bend truth itself. Postmodernists use the same argument when it comes to human cultures: each has an equal right to exist as a unique expression of the human spirit.

In a world where metaphysical knowledge is suppressed, everything is placed on the same level of value; the most wholesome and the most destructive beliefs or cultural manifestations have an equal right to exist, simply because they are there.

The only thing the postmodernists seem to fear is the tyranny of uniformity where one dominant culture takes over everything, and suppresses all minority folkways and beliefs. This, of course, is exactly what is happening in the world today, and it is profoundly destruc- tive. SAC74 6. But social value of metaphysics, is only a refection of much deeper levels of truth, one of which has to do with the fact that some people absolutely need metaphysical knowledge if they are to have a living relationship with God.

Faith is not enough for them, not because they scorn faith [actually they do and are tempted to do just that. They… SAC75 7. Pitfalls And Dangers On The Way They will be moving through areas of knowledge which, though not opposed to orthodox religious doctrine, cannot in the nature of things be made explicit to every normally intelligent adult.

Consequently they will be exposed to false ideas of every kind, some of which are extremely subtle and fascinating. And they will also have to confront, at one point, the demon of Intellectual Pride, especially if they feel misunderstood or persecuted by the believers. This is why it is traditionally understood that the path of sacred knowledge cannot be safely traveled, except in rare and unpredictable instances, without both an orthodox doctrinal framework and the guidance of a spiritual master.

SAC76 8. One was a believer, a libertine, a scoundrel, or maybe a secret atheist, but one was not confused and uncertain about what to believe, at least not to the degree that so many are today. To be confronted by hundreds of cults and religions, and therapies masquerading as religions, to be asked to choose from among them the one which represents Divine Truth with no tradition of Divine Truth to tell you how, and then, exhausted by the struggle, to give up the quest for objectivity and opt for the one or the ten systems which seem most compatible with your personal style-which means that instead of worshipping God you are actually worshipping yourself- this was not among the pitfalls facing a member of any traditional culture.

SAC76 In an emerging global society where the doctrines and practices of every world religion, and every mystical path within these religions, plus dozens of forms of traditional shamanism, are becoming available everywhere to serious seekers, and also to frivolous curiosity-seekers and budding magicians on the trail of psychic power, religion becomes [trivialized and] relativized.

If more than one religion is true, then no religion can be absolute - but the essential rationale for any religion is just this: that it gives access to Absolute Truth. Being is always understood as the opposite of Non-Being. If he knew then what we are up against today!


The System of Antichrist

It also speculates upon the social, psychic, and spiritual nature of that being known to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as the Antichrist, presenting him as both an individual and a system and warning those willing to be warned against the spiritual seduction and terror he represents, and against the regime which will be—and is—the social expression of that seduction and that terror. Finally, in tracing the roots of Antichrist in the fallen nature of man, the author sketches the particular quality of spirituality proper to apocalyptic times, the dangers it faces, the unique opportunities open to it. Nothing but the weight of eternity, breaking through the thin, brittle shell of the postmodern sky, can set us on our feet. What is the New Age?



When the reader is ready, the book appears. Or so it was for me. Being a life-long spiritual seeker which lets face it, really means a life of failure! There seemed to be no spiritual or philosophical authority left to turn to; or, more accurately, no reliable tools with which to separate good from bad knowledge.


The System of Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age


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