Even at that amazingly young age, I still realized that I should write about something I knew. Well, sort of. As it turned out, The Autumn Countess danced into the bookstores not as a Regency, but as a Gothic masquerading as a Regency. Although it was originally published as a Regency, I always felt that it was a historical romance at heart. I have extensively rewritten this novel, giving it greater scope and depth, but most important are the changes in all the characters. They are now richer and fuller, brimming with life and passion.

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It is like blaming video games for violence. Not the medium itself. I read novels from Catherine Coulter and it does not mean I think it is ok for any man to "behave thusly".

I am getting carried away, I realize that. It is just novels from Coulter usually offend our 21st century sensibilities. I understand some people find such plots hard to digest. But I still think the real culprit is not books, but what we do with the ideas the books present us. We should not encourage our little girls to just sit around and wait for her Prince on the white horse to rescue her. How offensive an idea for modern females!

OK enough of that. The Heiress Bride is probably the most coherent story in the original Sherbrooke trilogy. Things she does and says make my skin crawl. I pity Colin to have married such a woman. I find that writers often write such a female character: a high-born lady who is spoiled by her protective brothers, learned to do all the manly stuff and bested her brothers occasionally. She takes great pride in it and does not care much for her femininity. If we readers are lucky she at least wears dresses, not breeches.

She is an "almost spinster" because her lovingly protective brothers, who are assholes to every other woman, allow her to act like an idiotic heiress that she is. But when she sees the man she wants, she goes all out, jumps him, dares him, throws herself at him, does all kinds of outrageous things to "win his heart".

She met the hero Colin at a party and immediately decided this is the man she was going to marry what?? Then she went around suggesting to Colin that she had money that he needed so he would do well to marry her as soon as possible what?? Colin, being appalled at such outrageous behaviors from Joan but desparately for funds, went along. Joan had a horrible "wedding night" because all Coulter heroines have to suffer somd kind of sexual mistreatment to make the heros feel very guilty.

Then he left her alone in his castle with his 2 children from the first marriage, who he neglected to tell Joan, an evil aunt and a sister-in-law who obviously has a thing for Colin. Someone wanted to kill Colin and therefore Joan was in danger too. The story continues so on and so forth.

I feel that the plots are rather irrelevant in this book. It is how the characters interact with each other that is on center stage. I have to say for a Coulter book, the sex part is extremely down-played in The Heiress Bride. I am always amazed by how I get through a Coulter book. Her stories and characters are very often bitter pills to swallow. I wince and grimace and close my eyes in disblief, but I read on. Her stories are often ridiculous, her characters outrageous. It is usually difficult for me to read a book if I dislike a character intensely.

But never in a Coulter book. It is like watching a horror film. You know it will scare the hell out of you, but your eyes are glued to the screen. Or you steal a few looks through the spaces between your fingers I do that , as if minimized exposure would lessen the horror. I think I have blabbered enough about this book. I cannot recommend the book but I know I have read the Sherbrooke trilogy multiple times and will probably return to them at a later time.

I have them in paperback and now in kindle version.


Sherbrooke Brides Series

Author of 70 novels, she has 66 New York Times-bestsellers, juggling the historical romance and thriller genres. Coming from a very artistic family background, Coulter was raised by her mother, a concert pianist, and her father, a singer and painter. Her grandmother, who died at 37, is also a writer. She displayed an inherent talent in writing at an early age, claiming to have written her first two novels at the age of fourteen. While she is taking her undergraduate degree at the University-of-Texas, she wrote poetry and is engaged with the literary events of the university. She also expressed interest in European history and culture.


The Heiress Bride




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