Bulgaria Hi, guys! We think there is no fault in the engine and we moved to testing the hydraulics. According to CAT SIS, when the powershift pressure is low, then the pump upstrokes and the opposite - when powershift pressure is high, the pump down-strokes and has smaller flow output. This valve is operated by a solenoid and the solenoid receives PWM signal from the Electronic controller.

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The D Series 2 machine features a new engine, powerful hydraulic system, durable main structures and a refined operator station. Depending on the region, the D can be configured with a standard or a long undercarriage, designated the D L.

The new engine, rated at kW hp , uses an electric governor to control the mechanically actuated, low-pressure, fuel-injection system. The new system ensures optimum performance and reliability in areas where fuel quality is less than premium. The field-proven C7. Compared to its predecessor, the new engine uses approximately 3 to 5 percent less fuel, depending on work mode. An automatic engine-speed control lowers engine rpm during no-load or light-load conditions to minimize fuel consumption.

The pilot-type hydraulic system provides low-effort operation and precise control and maximizes efficiency. Boom and stick regeneration systems save energy during boom-down and stick-in operations, reducing cycle times and adding to overall fuel efficiency. Depending on the regional offering, three boom types—reach, mass excavation and super long reach—work with specifically engineered sticks to tailor machines to the application.

They feature high strength steel, box-section construction with internal baffles for added durability. The super long reach boom and stick are designed for applications that require a large working envelope.

The ergonomically designed operator station is both quiet and comfortable, and it features a full-color LCD Liquid Crystal Display monitor with a choice of 28 languages. The standard suspension seat is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of operators and to enhance operator comfort and efficiency. Large windows ensure all-around visibility and promote job-site safety. Viscous rubber cab mounts dampen both vibration and sound transmitted to the operator station, to further enhance operator comfort and productivity.

New for the Series 2 is a large metal roof hatch that can be opened for added visibility and air circulation. Buckets feature precise geometry for easy loading, which speeds digging cycles, increases production, and conserves fuel. The selection of Series 2 work tools includes grapples, shears, hydraulic hammers, multi-processors, pulverizers, vibratory-plate compactors, rippers and rip-and-load packages.

The D Series 2 features ground-level access to most routine service points, including the pumps, pilot filter and fuel filters, which are conveniently located behind a service door on the right side. The left, rear service door allows easy access to the radiator, oil cooler, air-to-air aftercooler, and AC condenser. A reserve tank and drain valve attached to the radiator simplify service, and a central grease block on the boom allows easily lubricating hard-to-reach locations on the front linkage.

Convenient hydraulic test ports allow safe, accurate checks of system pressures.





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