Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows is the first issue in the Blacksad comic novel series. The common themes in Blacksad are Revenge and Justice which will be discussed. In Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows, Blacksad investigates the murder of a famous actress, Natalia Willford, who was also his former lover. Revenge is one of the themes in Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows. Revenge is also the reason why Ivo Statoc, the murderer, committed such an offense. It can be argued that Blacksad also uses revenge in order to serve justice.

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Synopsis[ edit ] Rendered in a film noir style, the stories are set in late s United States. All of the characters are anthropomorphic animals whose species reflects their personality, character type and role in the story. Animal stereotypes are often used: for example, nearly all of the policemen are canids , such as German Shepherds , Bloodhounds , and foxes , while underworld characters are often reptiles or amphibians.

Female characters are often much more human-looking than their male counterparts. The strip attempts to reflect a dirty, realist outlook and a dark cinematic style through fairly clean, realistic lines.

Detailed watercolor drawings, including real-life places and cities, also contribute to the realistic feel of the series, despite the fact that characters are animals. The style of drawing has evolved throughout the series, with later issues displaying sharper, higher-quality colour and fewer grainy lines.

Cameos[ edit ] The series occasionally features anthropomorphic versions of famous people, most notably in Red Soul. Main characters[ edit ] John Blacksad — hardboiled private investigator. A black cat , Blacksad was raised in a poor neighborhood and spent much of his youth running from the police.

This and his service in World War II likely account for his above-average marksmanship and fighting skills. He also spent a year in college as a history major before being expelled. Like other hardboiled detectives, Blacksad narrates his stories, adding cynical commentary on the evils of the world around him. Unlucky in love, he never seems to be able to form a lasting relationship, often due to circumstances beyond his control.

He usually wears a dark suit and trench coat , and uses the alias John H. Smirnov — Police commissioner and friend of Blacksad. A brown German Shepherd , Smirnov sometimes helps Blacksad to reach the rich and powerful which he himself cannot touch due to "pressure upstairs". Volumes[ edit ] The first three volumes listed here are released by Dark Horse Comics as a single publication titled simply Blacksad.

Somewhere Within the Shadows[ edit ] Blacksad investigates the murder of the famous actress Natalia Willford, whom he used to be involved with — first as a bodyguard, then in a more intimate capacity. He finds Kronski already dead and buried under a pseudonym. After Blacksad is severely beaten by two hired thugs, the police arrest him. Smirnov, a police commissioner, explains to Blacksad that because of "pressure upstairs" he himself cannot investigate the matter any further.

Smirnov offers him a deal, advantageous to both sides. As Blacksad returns home, a goanna hitman and a rat goon attempt to kill him and each other.

Blacksad shoots the rat, interrogates the dying goanna and finally uncovers the culprit of the whole affair: Ivo Statoc, a frog, the richest and most powerful businessman of the city, who considers himself above any law. Statoc shot the actress himself because of her infidelity. After brutally infiltrating the office suite at the top of his skyscraper, Blacksad confronts the completely calm and cold-blooded Statoc — who first offers him a job, and later a bribe.

Blacksad rejects both offers as a matter of principle and shoots Statoc in the head. The police arrange it so it appears to be a suicide. Arctic Nation[ edit ] This volume deals with inter-racial violence and racial segregation of the s in a pseudo-American suburb called The Line.

The book also obliquely addresses issues of economic depression, sexual repression and perversion, all intended to expose the social malaise and prejudice that exist beneath the apparently harmonious surfaces of communities.

Observing the aftermath of a lynching on a city street, Blacksad meets his future sidekick, Weekly a least weasel. Blacksad initially rejects him due to his unpleasant smell and obnoxious behavior. It is revealed that Blacksad is working for an old elementary school teacher, Miss Grey, who has asked him to search for a young girl named Kaylie.

Miss Grey believes that Kaylie was kidnapped by Arctic Nation, a racist political organization. After befriending Weekly, Blacksad is harassed in a bar by three Arctic Nation members.

Their leader, Huk a white Arctic fox , turns out to be a close friend of the local police chief, Karup a polar bear. Blacksad and Weekly are taken before Karup, who himself is revealed to be with Arctic Nation. He suggests an affair between herself and the son of Oldsmill a white tiger , a rich white socialite, but doubts this lead when Dinah takes offense at the insinuation.

They force Weekly to publish a statement denying their involvement in the kidnapping. This compounds suspicion on Karup, who is already rumoured to be a paedophile. There, Kaylie and Weekly — himself kidnapped by Arctic Nation — are hidden. Blacksad saves Weekly after Huk betrays and hangs Karup, supposedly for kidnapping and child abuse.

Later, he finds Huk dead in his garage, stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver. Fueled by revenge, Jezabel ascended white society under a false identity, eventually marrying Karup. With Dinah hired as their maid, Jezabel seduced and manipulated Huk, using him to carry out the fake kidnapping and implicate Karup. However, Huk killed Dinah to ensure her silence, leading Jezabel to kill him in kind. After the two say goodbye, Blacksad finds Kaylie sadly staring at him, and he stares back sadly as well.

There are probably some discrepancies between publications. He finds a leaflet for a lecture given by his old school teacher, Otto Liebber, a nuclear physicist and Nobel Prize candidate. Gotfield invites Blacksad to a party at his luxurious coastal mansion along with twelve leftist intellectuals: Greenberg, a beat poet ; the photographer Dora; the sculptor Klein; the actor Bill Ratcliff; the scriptwriter Jess Logan; the Russian painter Sergei Litvak; the accomplished chemist Laszlo Herzl; and Alma Mayer.

When Otero gets back home, he is killed by a mysterious assassin a gavial. It seems he actually meant to kill Otto. Blacksad and Alma — who plans to spend her honeymoon with Gotfield at Niagara Falls — begin to have feelings for each other.

Blacksad decides to follow Otto, saving him from a car bomb planted by the assassin. However, he fails to stop the goon from escaping or a traumatised Otto from leaving the scene. Smirnov informs Blacksad that the assassin is a highly regarded hit man known as Ribs, and that his bomb was chemically complex. Suspecting that Herzl might have hired Ribs, Blacksad confronts him.

To his surprise, Herzl is a Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter who shows him photographic proof that Otto used to work for the Third Reich. Stricken with this new information, Blacksad seeks solace from Alma, only to learn that she has been arrested by the FBI after being inexplicably betrayed by Gotfield. Suffering a personal crisis, Otto hides at the city aquarium , where Blacksad himself once hid as a child. Falling in love with Alma, Blacksad promises to take her to Niagara Falls, which to her is an important act of commitment.

He also admits to conspiring with Litvak to hand over American nuclear secrets to the Soviets. When Blacksad goes to the shipyards, he finds out that the painting is bound for an art exhibition in East Berlin. Blacksad manages to re-route the painting to Australia. Blacksad gives the proof to Weekly in a sealed envelope, with instructions to publish the contents if anything happens to him.

The end of the album is bittersweet. Otto writes Blacksad a letter, explaining that he has returned to Germany and is helping rebuild a post-war community. Alma, however, abandons Blacksad after she reads the fake story in the newspaper that Liebber committed suicide after Blacksad turned him in. In her mind, Blacksad is now as much a traitor as Gotfield. Blacksad tries to find her again, but she has vanished. Notably, the story of the album unfolds in non-chronological order.

The story alternates between day scenes and night scenes: the night scenes take place during a single night and are the culmination of the story, and the day scenes depict events that took place over several weeks before that night. Blacksad and Weekly travel to New Orleans to meet Faust LaChapelle a goat , a failed musician who found success signing more talented yet less fortunate musicians to record labels. They learn that LaChapelle has terminal cancer, and is being treated by Ms.

Gibraltar, a vodou priestess. LaChapelle begs Blacksad to find Sebastian "Little Hand" Fletcher a Boxer , who — despite having one arm smaller than the other — was the most successful musician he ever signed. Fletcher has gone missing, and LaChapelle is concerned that his addiction to heroin has something to do with it.

Blacksad and Weekly accept the case. The pair soon meet Leeman a hippopotamus , the last detective who was hired to find Fletcher. He proposes they all work together, but Blacksad is put off by his reckless driving and alcoholism. Disappointed, Blacksad walks out. Hannah states that Fletcher was supposed to perform his newest song that night, but that LaChapelle had been enraged when he found out.

At a nightclub , Fletcher performs his new song, detailing how he had become congenitally deformed and many others had died due to a carcinogenic flu balm that was being sold in his hometown by the mysterious "Dr. Dupre", and how bureaucratic payoffs kept Dupre from prison once he was found out.

LaChapelle saved them from poverty by signing them all to a successful band. However, the afflictions eventually caught up with them, leading them to lives full of addiction and death; now, only Fletcher is left to tell the tale. When Blacksad confronts LaChapelle in his house, he confesses to being Dupre and admits that he is suffering from a rare genetic disorder rather than cancer.

He has been investing money in medical research to find a cure, so that his son might one day have healthy children to carry on his legacy. It is also implied that he had the drug dealer poison Fletcher to prevent him from performing the new song that would ruin LaChapelle.

Blacksad arrives to find that Fletcher has died of the strychnine -laden heroin. Amarillo[ edit ] In this fifth Blacksad album, it takes place near the ending of the s. Chad a lion , a writer, travels the road as a vagrant with his on-again-off-again friend Abraham a bison , a poet. Abe views his vocation more romantically than Chad, who sees writing as his career and a means to money, and Abe accuses Chad of not having a true passion like he does. Blacksad is happy to be taking a well-earned vacation, staying behind in New Orleans for a while, while Weekly returns home to New York.

He lands a side-job when a rich Texan asks him to drive his prized car to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is flying. Blacksad accepts, enjoying the free road trip. At a pit-stop, two hitch-hikers who we see are Chad and Abe steal the prized car and Blacksad, with the help of a street gang, motorcycles after them, hoping to catch them on their way to Amarillo.

Chad cannot do it, however, and the entire bar laughs at him.


Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows Theme Analysis

Synopsis[ edit ] Rendered in a film noir style, the stories are set in late s United States. All of the characters are anthropomorphic animals whose species reflects their personality, character type and role in the story. Animal stereotypes are often used: for example, nearly all of the policemen are canids , such as German Shepherds , Bloodhounds , and foxes , while underworld characters are often reptiles or amphibians. Female characters are often much more human-looking than their male counterparts.

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Somewhere within the Shadows

Share Somewhere Within the Shadows is the first installment of the Blacksad series. Summary Blacksad investigates the murder of the famous actress Natalia Willford, who he used to be involved with — first as a bodyguard, then in a more intimate relationship. Blacksad leaves the scene, clearly distressed at the turn of events. Later in his apartment, he painfully remembers his life with Natalia. He had been hired as a bodyguard for her after she received a threatening letter from an unknown source who claimed she will be killed by the said person soon.


Blacksad vol 1 – Somewhere Withing the Shadows


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