A true legend in the field of natural health, Dr. Jensen has helped millions achieve a better quality of life in body, mind, and spirit. Acknowledgments I must give foremost credit to Sir Arbuthnot Lane, physician to the British Royal Family, for helping me realize the relationship between the bowel and disease elsewhere in the body. Max Gerson, M. He proved it could be done. I appreciate John Harvey Kellogg, M.

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Take 15 minutes every morning to relax before rushing out the door. Sit cross-legged on a hard floor and sip hot water if experiencing sever constipation. Deep breathing exercises are also helpful to do at this time. Breathe from belly not chest. Drink at least 1 to 2 litres of water per day between meals.

Eat lots of fibre in your diet. If you can eat grains, eat whole grains. Regardless, everyone should take a fibre drink once per day. These are all hard on the liver. Get checked for a nutrient deficiency if you are still constipated. If you are low in any of the B vitamins, lecithin or acidophilus, — these help the colon stay lubricated and toned up.

These help to maintain a healthy digestive tract. When traveling, take your enema bag along. Book these appointments ahead of time. Also, herbal laxatives such as Senna, Cascara sagrada are okay for occasional constipation. Do not take herbal laxatives as a long-term solution.

Please consult with me during your next appointment so I can help you determine the cause of your constipation and a plan to address this properly. If you are on drugs or medication, check to see if constipation is a side effect. Pain killers cause constipation. There are herbal alternatives to help with pain. Iron supplements can also cause constipation. Herbal iron supplements are superior as they do not cause constipation and absorb better to. Have an assessment to determine if your stomach or liver may be causing the constipation you are having.

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Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management : from the Simple to the Ultimate

Start your review of Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management Write a review Shelves: healing-wellness I was a colon hydrotherapist several years back. Sep 18, Frank Logue rated it it was amazing Very interesting book on a little known subject. Jensen explains the importance of maintaining clean bowels in order to have good health. The alternative to not addressing this issue, he explains, is the slow, increasing, process of our bodies being poisoned through the Very interesting book on a little known subject. The alternative to not addressing this issue, he explains, is the slow, increasing, process of our bodies being poisoned through the circulation of these wastes through our system. Kind of unpleasant and a dry subject but very insightful and makes good sense. We should all be thinking about what we put into our bodies and what effects these substances have on our organs and ultimately on our health.


Dr Jensen – Tissue Cleansing through Bowel management


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