Dezember immatrikulierte er sich in Padua. Wegen eines Duells musste er Padua allerdings nach wenigen Monaten erneut fluchtartig verlassen. Der Weg zum Alchemisten[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] In der Zeit zwischen und hat sich Michael Maier, der Junggeselle blieb, vom gelehrten Philosophen zum praktischen Okkultisten oder Alchemisten entwickelt. Als im Sommer eine Seuche ausbrach, lud ihn ein wohlhabender Patient ein, bei ihm auf dem Landgut das Ende der Epidemie abzuwarten. Hier fand er eine umfassende alchemistische Bibliothek vor, aus der er im Sommer systematisch die Beschreibungen der verschiedenen Stufen des Prozesses abschrieb. Zwischen Rudolf II.

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If you would like to do some homework and dig into one of the original alchemical texts, check out Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Maier, published in Germany almost years ago. Atalanta Fugiens, Cover Image What makes this book of emblems so special, aside from the surreal imagery and sublime poetry, is that each image is accompanied by a piece of music called a fugue.

This book is often cited as one of the first historical examples of multimedia. It is also the most robust collection of traditional alchemical music in existence. They were dictated on staff paper, so that one could study the written philosophy and then practice the fugue for further insights.

The primary operation of alchemy is to transmute base materials into gold through the application of these three elements. As is often the case in alchemical texts, these elements are not merely chemical but also mythological.

Maier bridged the mythology of these characters with the three musical voices by assigning key characteristics to their melodic lines. Atalanta and Hippomenes are always in canon, which is comparable to a round. The Golden Apple melody is the same in every song, known as a cantus firmus in the art of fugue. It corresponds to Salt, which is the element of Earth, and so this consistency is sublimated to the symbolic level.

Air and Water Mercury and Fire Sulphur are fluid elements compared to Earth Salt , which remains relatively fixed in comparison. Some scholars assert that Maier was simply an amateur composer; others have suggested that his printer introduced many errors. In light of this discovery and some mathematical hypotheses regarding the structure of the book, we are exploring the possibility that the music may contain a hidden cypher that would further illuminate the intended purpose and role of the music and the book as a whole.

For a photo slideshow of all fifty emblems in full color, click here. Adam McClean of Alchemywebsite.


Atalanta Fugiens: The Original Alchemical Music (1617)



atalanta fugiens



Atalanta Fugiens



Michael Maier (Alchemist)


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