Be that as it may, a second note sets on more solid grounds the attribution of the annals down to to Rudolf of Fulda , whose manuscript, though not conserved, is mentioned in independent sources and has left traces in the tradition. Some scholars believe that the whole work was first put together by an unknown compiler only in the s. The two alleged principal extensions have been styled the "Mainz" and "Bavarian" continuations respectively. The Mainz version shows strong links with the circle of Liutbert, Archbishop of Mainz , and is written from a Franconian perspective and are partisan to Liutbert and the kings he served. The Bavarian continuation was probably written in Regensburg until and thereafter in Niederalteich.

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Latein Beschreibung Oder Annales regni Francorum orientalis. Die letzten Jahresberichte bis sind ebenfalls in Bayern verfasst, vielleicht im Kloster Niederaltaich O. Neuerdings schreibt S. Handschriften — Mss. Literatur zu den Handschriften allgemein v. Reuter, pp.

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Anales de Fulda

The annalists pay particular attention to the military campaigns of the Carolingian kings, justifying their actions in terms of a grand narrative of Carolingian peacekeeping and conquest in the name of expanding the Christian faith. The overthrow of the Merovingians is also portrayed in such a way as to legitimize the transfer of royal power between dynasties, emphasizing Carolingian adherence to Frankish traditions and the approval of Pope Zacharias in the matter. The revised text, however, incorporates these events while maintaining a positive tone towards the emperor, presented as a peerless leader in battle. Louis the Pious giving penance at Attigny in


Annales Fuldenses

Akinogami Annales Fuldenses It also describes in some detail the raids conducted by the Vikings in the Frankish Empire from onwards. Bertin are one of the principal sources of ninth-century Francia, and are particularly well-informed on events in the West Frankish sphere of Charles the Bald. Helge was a Danish king who ruled at the end of the 9th century. The Slavs arrived in the territory of present-day Slovakia in the 5th and 6th centuries. During the reign of Louis th The first member of the Carolingian dynasty named Carloman had ruled Alemannia in —48, and subjugated it to the Franks. Stewart Baldwin, a modern genealogist, pointed that they could also be two people with the same name, although Baldwin himself favors their identification.




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