Yozshular How should the 8 switches be set on the mode select panel of a new cd-rom drive? Xdi you can rewire the internal transformer as they all have connections for both V and V anyway. Kind of a round about way of getting the samples in actually, its the ONLY waybut I think its much easier to use Recycle than the CDis built-in editing functions. I find that hard to believe.

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To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page. I think the sounds are very good indeed! Akai CDi — Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings All other functions working fine. We have no manual included, though you can download for free from internet sites. Original manual and boxed. What makes it a bit special is that it has a cd drive and comes with 5 cd roms full of all sorts of sounds from orchestral to synths and drums — a bit of everything.

O and i loveeeee the help button: This ddi a no reserve auction. Good condition, has only been sporadically used in a home studio. Too much colouration f LCD backlight is dim, but still quite readable. Akai CD — older akai with cd drive. It was kept in a smoke free studio while I owned it. Cdi sample player sounds great and theres a ton of samples out there to help get started right away.

Item sold as is and there are no returns. Its really simple, but get help if you dont know what youre doing! Das interne CD-Laufwerk reagiert nicht. Tray ejects nice and smooth. Recycle then transmits the samples directly to the i via SCSI. It also has great filters, time stretching, Fx. Product rating out of 5: How should the 8 switches be set on the mode select panel of cdu new cd-rom drive? CD Rom Sampler Player with user manual and original box.

Good condition screen still works and visible. Looking at the back panel, this sampler has 10 analogue zkai of which 2 are a stereo output, an analogue stereo input with record gain adjustment.

My user type is: You just gotta swap them over, doing away the need for buying an external one. All user reviews for the Akai CDi Apart from these issues, and potential trouble with worn floppy or CD-ROM drives, my impression is that there are few reliability problems.

This sampler has 10 outputs, A stereo input, 32 voices and is 16 akaii multitimbral. Matte, alte Display-Leuchtfolie gegen neues Ersatzmodell ausgetauscht. Software synth versions do NOT compare. Very good cutting through sound, especially bass sounds. Dont fuss over the sound quality of these units. Sampler comes from a smoke free recording Studio and being sold as is with no returns. The unit in the picture is the exact one you will receive. Condition is quite typical for an old AKAI, front fascia is pretty clean but rack rash and various markings throughout.

Sorry, no manual or other accessories cdi0. I bought a inverter from Radio Shanty and the guy said it would work fine. Email supplied but hidden Activity: If you are looking at this sampler then you already know what it can do! It also has connections for a foot switch, headphones and Midi In, Out and Thru.

Akai have, or at least had, an upgrade kit for the CD to give it analogue inputs. This is an excellent kit and is reasonably priced. Man kann somit direkt Libraries und Samples laden. I have had a Si for about 10 years now, I bought it second hand, this is a brilliant sampler w It also has great filters, time stretching and an internal multi FX unit.

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Akai CD3000i

Arasida I really have no desire to use stock sound libraries. Alternatively you can rewire the internal transformer as they all have connections for both V and V anyway. Shes a beast for her size and come with the full 16MBS of ram ,also included is the official sound library from the S11oo CD-Rom 2 of them which is filled with sounds from pianos to pads and things. Date Produced — We have hundreds of manuals added to the site! Please copy the displayed number into the box to post:. The Akai S thru he S are some of my favorite samplers.





AKAI CD3000XL Operator's Manual


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