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Performed by Carlo Alberto Boni Problems playing this file? See media help. As a child, he ran away from his nanny and fell into an irrigation channel and injured his eyes. The guitar was viewed as an instrument to accompany singers, while the piano was quite popular throughout Europe. Three years later, in , he ran away again, this time to Valencia where he joined a gang of gypsies.

His father looked for him and brought him back home once more, but he ran away a third time, again to Valencia. For a time, he played with other musicians at local engagements to earn money, but eventually he returned home to help his family. He had brought along with him a recently purchased guitar, made in Seville by Antonio de Torres.

By this time he was composing his first works for guitar, which he played in addition to works of other composers. Soon they were engaged. He also played in London, but he liked neither the language nor the weather. There is a story about his visit to England. After a concert, some people saw that the musician was in low spirits. Your family, perhaps? After playing in London he came back to Novelda for his wedding.

To enlarge his guitar repertory and, no doubt, to make use of his considerable knowledge of keyboard music, he soon began transcribing piano works of Beethoven , Chopin , Mendelssohn and others. She allowed him and his family use of a house in Barcelona, where he would write the bulk of his most popular works.

Later she took him to Granada , where the guitarist conceived the theme for Recuerdos de la Alhambra , which he composed on his return and dedicated to his friend Alfred Cottin, a Frenchman who had arranged his Paris concerts.

The following morning he composed Danza Mora based on that rhythm. In about , he cut his fingernails and created a sound that would become typical of those guitarists associated with his school. The following year he went on tour to Italy, giving highly successful concerts in Rome, Naples, and Milan. In January , he was afflicted with paralysis on his right side, and though he would eventually return to the concert stage, he never completely recovered.

He finished his last work, Oremus , on 2 December He died in Barcelona thirteen days later, on 15 December, at the age of A virtuoso on his instrument, he was known as the " Sarasate of the guitar".


Adelita, by Francisco Tárrega



Francisco Tárrega



Adelita (Tarrega)



Adelita (Tárrega, Francisco)


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