Sometimes I have the breath when I climb too much preamp gain, normal what. Equalizer which is doing its job. Nickel connectors, makes it versatile. Console very satisfactory.

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Mackie VLZ Pro Audio Mixer Review By - May 1, While there are a wide range of companies that have built solid reputations making quality audio mixers, for the past decade or so few have had a better reputation for both value and dependable quality than the Mackie brand.

A Solid Performer The has been in production for several years. No wobbly faders or insubstantial knobs here. Every control has the "rock solid" feel that shows that the designers spent time thinking about a lot more than simply where to put the holes for the necessary knobs.

Why is this important? Like stuff falling on them. So they designed the faders and knobs with the goal of being able to withstand some grief.

Quality Design Mackie has earned its reputation for quality for smart design and it shows. Another benefit to using a dedicated audio mixing board in your work is that most mixers have basic tone controls built in—tone controls unlike the software versions on many computer based audio sub-systems that always work in real time so that you can make changes and hear them instantly. In the studio, mixers like the VLZ Pro also do double duty as audio patch bays, allowing you to keep sources such as microphones, VCRs, DVD players, MP3 players and the like all attached to a central place with feeds to your recorders so that you can select the proper sources with the quick slide of a fader, twist of a knob, or the punch of a button.

In short, a quality audio mixer can act as your central audio processing unit, making your audio-related work more efficient. With 14 line inputs, 6 mono and 4 stereo pairs , flexible mono and stereo master faders and robust patching and signal control options built in — the unit has all the flexibility most basic audio for video suites will require.

And equipment that uses lower voltage DC has the added advantage of being easy to convert to battery operation — something that the Mackie does not offer.

So the power cord becomes an indicator that Mackie elects to balance of quality and affordability, and if the two goals were in conflict, they do their best to come down on the side of quality.

A decision that should help keep their customers happy in the long run. Bill Davis writes, shoots, edits, and does voiceover work for a variety of corporate and industrial clients.


Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro Analog Mixing Console



Mackie 1402 VLZ4


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