Devils, demons, and daemons--these are the ultimate servants of evil. Learn all their foul secrets in The Book of Fiends, the definitive sourcebook on these fell creatures. All the fiends have been updated to the 3. Details on the plane of Gehenna, its rulers, and inhabitants are also revealed for the first time. The Book of Fiends is jam-packed with evil for your campaign, including: Over daemons, devils, demons, and other creatures of the Lower Planes, illustrated and with complete 3.

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I can say that when I started the company, it was a side project to my day job as a Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast. So what do we have cooking for our big year? That game got a new edition worthy of Krom last year if you want to check it out. A month later, at GenCon , we released Death in Freeport , the book that really put us on the map.

And what brings people together like a marriage? Further books exploring the city and the larger world of Freeport will follow. In the shorter term, the Lairs sourcebook for Fantasy AGE is almost ready to go to print, just waiting on a few pieces of art, so look for a PDF release and the beginning of the pre-order soon.

Nisaba Press , our fiction imprint, will also be supporting Freeport with both short story anthologies and novels. We launched the game, based on James S. Ships of the Expanse is exactly what it sounds like: a big book about spaceships, with stats, deck plans, and more.

Beyond the Ring is the first sourcebook to advance the timeline. The core rulebook was set between the events of the first and second novel. With the ring gates open, there are huge numbers of new star systems to explore, many littered with the ancient relics of dead civilizations. Something else you will see this year: Expanse dice!

We are working with Q Workshop who did our dice for Dragon Age and Blue Rose to make three different sets of the dice. Earthers, Martians, and Belters can all represent! Modern AGE , under the stalwart leadership of developer Malcolm Sheppard, is going from strength to strength.

Last year we launched Threefold , the first original setting for the game, and it is a stunner. It details NPCs and creatures, covering genres such as modern fantasy, horror, near future SF, technothrillers, and crime dramas, and provides new mechanics to support them. It also introduces the Infinity Engine, a tool for using random chance and choice to generate both original adventures and new planes of existence to stage them in.

It also provides advice and support for players, so everyone can up their game. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of the Blue Rose continues to thrive under the benevolent rulership of developer Joseph Carriker.

The next book in the line is Envoys to the Mount, an epic adventure that spans five years of game time and all four tiers of Blue Rose play. This is a full campaign that will keep your group busy for some time. If you want a smaller commitment, Six of Cups is there for you. After that comes Touching the Wild, which is a dual-purpose sourcebook.

Half of it is a bestiary about the shadowspawn. This does include the option of an all rhydan party! We announced the game at GenCon and it will release towards the end of the year.

If you want a break from four-color heroics, this book provides a grittier option for lower level characters. Then there is Danger Zones, a sourcebook that provides 30 different urban backdrops for superheroic action, each of which includes a map, special features, and adventure ideas. This book will be super handy for time-pressed GMs.

That ends our whirlwind tour of ! Thanks for all your support these past 20 years. It means the world to us that so many of you love and play our games.

See you on the convention circuit!


The Book of Fiends

Flicking through the book is enough to let you peek into a deliciously awful Abyss. I always prefer the theatrics and politics of roleplaying over the mechanics, combat and spells but for some reason, I always go for bestiary books. I really do think you can conjure up atmospheric details for a fantasy setting by finding out about the creatures that live in it. A bestiary full of low powered and largely nocturnal monsters and animals has the makings for a gothic setting. A bestiary full of titans, hydra and satyrs is suitable for a Hellenic game and one full of dragons, kobolds and umber hulks is most likely Dungeons and Dragons.


The Book of Fiends (PDF)

Zolojar The rather terrible demon princes are detailed in Those Who Rule, chapter three. The Commanders of Chaos: It is a book of demons, and it delivers right ronn to the core. It scores another for the sheer quality and the more elusive second upgrade because of just how effectively atmospheric it is. Wanna spin in a sub plot, diversion, or lead into a greater twist later on involving the machinations of those who dwell below?

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